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  1. BEEFY

    Shares Traders

    Anyone on here trading? Long time Aim investor here. Suspect this might be a very short thread consisting of one post!
  2. BEEFY

    Watford v Aston Villa Match Thread - Sat 28th Dec, 3pm

    A gentle reminder that last time we played at Vicarage Rd we celebrated winning a corner like many would a last minute winner. We've come a long way. That said, I expect nothing from this on the strength of watford now being sound at the back and the dirty blue nose jail bird being desperate to...
  3. BEEFY

    The Bring JF Down a Peg Thread

    It is granted the admiration we have for Lord Fear, but equally it is our duty as Villa fans to always point out the defects in those we admire. Hopefully this thread will somewhat temper his march towards world domination. I will kick off with the revelation that all BMW drivers are rude and I...
  4. BEEFY

    Injured player court case Is this the next big game changer? Imagine spurs v stafford rangers in the fa cup and kane breaks his leg. A staggering fee could be demanded from rangers and send them into bankruptcy. It's...
  5. BEEFY


    There was a documentary on ITV last night called 'Brothers in Football'. It's a fantastic story and one that every football fan should educate thenselves on. Watch it and report back to base.
  6. BEEFY

    Froch v Groves Fight Thread

    This is gonna need its own thread! I will kick off with last nights programme - it was brilliant. Even if you're not into boxing then watch from 13 minutes onwards. It's both amusing and seething with hatred. Essential viewing and is the polar opposite to the first fight build up, where Groves...
  7. BEEFY

    Led Zep

    If you're chosen to perform Stairway to Heaven in front of the President and all of Led Zeppelin, then you've really got to pull something special out of the bag. My god, these buggers nailed it. Even made Plant cry it was so powerful when the choir kicks in near the end...
  8. BEEFY

    ipod Touch

    I've never downloaded a song or an mp3 and I'm currently going through the same phase of not wanting to give up buying CD's as I went through with tapes, vinyl and video. However, when I offered some CD's for a few of the lads at work to borrow it transpires two of the three don't even own a cd...
  9. BEEFY

    Post Op Bedroom Question

    Two weeks ago yesterday my appendix tore and I ended up in hospital having it removed and then the infected areas cleaned up. I had two keyhole operations and also a kafater (sp) fitted. Ouch. Thing is, I haven't had a boner since then.....or at least not a natural one when I end up prodding...