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  1. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Deal edging closer?

    Hopefully its true!!!!! yes im aware its the daily mail. But sick of the negativity and I need some hope even if its false. duh duh duh randy frankel (jason...
  2. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    How long have we got left?

    So today has been absolutely horrible, the decision will live long in our memory for all the wrong reasons but I hope our memories of our beloved club wont also. This thread is to ask factually what happens now? I understand we urgently need a buyer but where does the process go next and how...
  3. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Barnsley club statement Thoughts?
  4. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Players going forward

    I know its early to be asking opinions as none of us havent got the foggiest where we will be going forwards but does anyone have any predictions about which players might infact stay? Do you think the gaffer stays? Asuming we are in league 1 which is where we are at present do you think the...
  5. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Twitter latics players

    For anyone who wants a good laugh take a look at the aged latics players on twitter that the club have put up. I'm howling at windass he's turned out looking like Steve Bruce. Dunkley and kipre also quality.
  6. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    New owners and recruitment

    Paul cook has said that they’re not young kids they are grown men and they should be ready to step up and fight for their places here or elsewhere. Although true, is he just preparing us for the inevitable no substantial spend? Perhaps we really are gonna just bulk it out with kids and loans? As...
  7. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Who is the new star player?

    I was thinking about this earlier and wondered what the forum thought regarding our current squad. We have lost our amazing wonder kid in Reece James, Powell who was perceived to be our most gifted has now left us for stoke, we have lost good loans in Walton and Robinson returning to their...
  8. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Yanic wildshut

    Been released so available for free. Made us a lot of money in the past. Due to the loss of recent players like Powell does anyone think it would be worth taking him back as a luxury player. Were thin on numbers and he does have ability. I actually think I would but I know that's an unpopular...
  9. Danny_de_Zeeuw16

    Jonas olsson

    Hes 36 in march, thoughts? Owd as thills this mon