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  1. S6Ian

    Crewe (H) Highlights

    That is a weird kit. However Spurs olive green abomination of a change kit I think gives it a run. Three cracking goals today....
  2. S6Ian

    A Year Ago Today

    Barcelona, Champions League...Three extra years of non attendance would be worth it....Or actually I am not sure it would..... Make that Burton Albion....
  3. S6Ian

    The Model...

    To be fair I think The Vapors have been an inspiration for The Imps over the past few years. Some of the football has had me, ahem ‘Turning Japanese’ ..... (One for the older amongst us).
  4. S6Ian

    The Model...

    I thought this thread was about a Kraftwerk song from the 80s.....
  5. S6Ian

    QUIZ: Lincoln City v Crewe Alexandra (06/03/2021) - Can You Get All 10 Correct? - HAVE A GO!

    Very pleasing 7/10 which was a combination of knowing some, guessing some and process of elimination.
  6. S6Ian


    I think they will be very strong under Paul Cook. He is a decent manager at this level and I can see Ipswich building on their recent two wins and going well.
  7. S6Ian

    Darren Moore leaves Doncaster

    That is the first thing I thought. He is a legend at Donny and loved and is stepping from that environment to the current basket case that is Wednesday.
  8. S6Ian

    Cowley and Dons?

    On the subject of Danny and Nicky, Orient have dismissed Ross Embleton and many Os fans are suggesting they would be a good choice. They would be for Orient, however I think their fans are delusional if they think they will go there. However, a comment has appeared on one of the Orient forums...
  9. S6Ian

    QUIZ: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town (02/03/2021) - Can You Get All 10 Correct? - HAVE A GO!

    A very pleasing as well as surprising 7/10...
  10. S6Ian

    League 2

    The perfect end of season table would see the bottom of league 2 occupied by FGR and MK Dons.....beautiful....
  11. S6Ian

    Temporary stand

    Or a few stands from Bootham Crescent.... could include the delightful khazis from the away end....
  12. S6Ian

    Michael Appleton Signs New Contract!

    Out bloody standing..... I may go down the pub tonight to celebrate....oh hang on....
  13. S6Ian

    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    I believe the common thread in both seasons has been their relying on loan signings for part of the season. Certainly this season they lost about 5 or 6 after Christmas all whom were 6 month loans who were not extended. I believe similar happened last year. I think Flynn has something about him...
  14. S6Ian

    QUIZ: Lincoln City v Plymouth Argyle (27/02/2021) - Can You Get All 10 Correct? - HAVE A GO!

    A highly impressive (And surprising) 8/10.....not too many guesses either....even more surprising...
  15. S6Ian

    Vital Lincoln City, well done Jules.

    Take a bow Jules, that is a seriously good effort. Well done.
  16. S6Ian

    New retro shirt designs released

    Couple of cracking shirts - look very well recreated too....
  17. S6Ian

    New retro shirt designs released

    I think I will keep quiet on this one...
  18. S6Ian

    Match Thread: Sunderland v Lincoln City

    For me the crucial bit was when the Sky commentator, at the start of the shootout announced that Imps had won their last 3 penalty shootouts and Sunderland had lost theirs. I knew at that point the kiss of death had been well and truly planted on the Imps lips.... Poxy commentators...