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  1. GillsBluenose

    Use 'em or Lose 'em

    Interesting that Cambridge should be upset about Brizzle City recalling Robbie Cundy as I notice that before playing for them on Saturday, he had been getting splinters in his backside warming their bench during all their games in January. I suspect a lot of our loanees were recalled for the...
  2. GillsBluenose

    Jezza's back

    Common sense has prevailed and hopefully Starmer can now begin his system reorganisation. Labour are apparently going to set up an independent committee to investigate future complaints and I hope the Jewish council make it clear to their members that any anti-semitism is to be reported to the...
  3. GillsBluenose

    Revisiting those sitters

    How could Crewe have missed so many, particularly the first one !?
  4. GillsBluenose

    Possession stats

    I don't know whether anyone else has noticed but according to the BBC reports we have not had 50% possession in a single league game so far this season. Hopefully when Dempsey can string several appearances together that will change. In any case, it might explain why the defence is being put...
  5. GillsBluenose

    Samuel's salary

    I know it is only one game but it was great to see Dom hit the ground running with a couple of goals yesterday. If he is seen as Hanlan's replacement, I wonder how his salary compares, bearing in mind we must have offered Brandon at least the same as his previous contract and then made him a...
  6. GillsBluenose

    Zak's initiative

    Someone coming up with a good idea to address the lack of BAME coaches, rather than using quotas or positive discrimination. Good on you, Zak:
  7. GillsBluenose

    Confirmation of why control is sometimes needed - n/g

    My opposition to complete freedom of movement and an "open door policy" at all times is well documented. I appreciate that the effects Covid is currently the reason but if ever there was evidence that a country should have some form of immigration control in the interest of its own citizens it...
  8. GillsBluenose

    England Cricket Team - Joe Denly - n/g

    I see Michael Vaughan has got his way with Denly being dropped. I am a much bigger Kent Fan than an England one, so I am pleased in a way but feel he has been scapegoated. He has been batting number three, a position which no other player seems to want to bat (including most notably Root), and...
  9. GillsBluenose

    How often do Prem players stick their hands in their pockets?

    Watching Marcus Rashford on the news this morning, it occurred to me how often Premier League players spout on about their poor upbringing and then call on Government and the public to donate in a worthy cause (free school dinners this time which would be paid for out of taxes) but never mention...
  10. GillsBluenose

    Captain Tom Moore - n/g

    Keep refreshing this page and watch the amount grow: What a gentleman. What a cause. Had raised £1 million by midday but since
  11. GillsBluenose

    We will soon know

    I was just looking at the March fixtures which look very tricky, particularly if we do not have Jones and O'Keefe back by then. Sunderland (in form) away, Fleetwood (in form) home, then MK Dons and Rotherham, both away. If we are somehow still in contention after that lot, the April and May...
  12. GillsBluenose

    Nibbles - prediction league

    I have just noticed that despite quoting random results against the same opposition from years ago, and therefore never receiving any bonus points for correct scorers, Nibbles has accumulated 51 points. Impressive.
  13. GillsBluenose

    Will we face the Holy man?

    I don't know whether this was discussed on another thread but Tomas seems to have been dropped to the bench by Ipswich yesterday. His replacement, Norris, took some blame for not keeping out the Pompey winner and Ipswich's poor run continues so he could be brought back.
  14. GillsBluenose

    Good night for ex gills

    Wilkinson scores one and makes one as Orient fight back from 2-0 down to win 3-2. Nouble and Norris score for Colchester in 2-2 draw. Josh Hare makes a goal for Brizzle Rovers in 2-0 win, Bayo scores for Wycombe in 1-1 draw. Have I missed any?
  15. GillsBluenose

    Protecting the back line

    Have to admit that this is music to my ears: Exactly what we have been missing recently. Let's just hope he doesn't end up with the same injury record as Aaron Morris and Billy Bingham.
  16. GillsBluenose

    Evans charm offensive

    Be interesting how it goes tonight particularly if there are probing questions about the past or someone tries to rile him.
  17. GillsBluenose

    Haven't seen any mention of Raynor

    ...or have I missed it? As Coxy has gone, Evans must have an assistant in mind. Who could that be? Or could Evans' claim of being a changed man be linked to altering the company that he keeps?
  18. GillsBluenose

    What would happen if Scally DID walk away?

    This got me thinking (my head hurts). He claims that none of the rich people in Kent and Medway have ever shown an interest in the club. Maybe true. Maybe not. I can not recall any club in the league where a chairman or owner has resigned and left his position vacant. Effectively a ship...
  19. GillsBluenose

    A small reality check of what we are up against

    Said on the Quest highlights programme that Bradford have already sold 13000 season tickets for next season in League Two, even after the season they have had.
  20. GillsBluenose

    Kentbattingcollapse - n/g

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with the joke about people believing that englandbattingcollapse is all one word. I think Kent could give them a run for their money. Last season, the addition of Allan Donald as bowling coach and Matt Henry bowling out of his skin gained them promotion...