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  1. NottyImp

    The Model...

    ... no, not Lewis Montsma (swoon!), but signing young players and selling them on. Who do we think might fit that bill currently? The Cowleys signed and sold on Raggett and Woodyard, plus others. Can MA match that?
  2. NottyImp

    We need to talk about...

    ... game management. I'd take the Cowleys back on a consultancy basis. Discuss.
  3. NottyImp

    Best blags...

    ... following on from plumbob's Tunisian colleague, what are your best blags? I'm not really a blagger, but Mrs N. just managed to get a free replacement wheelie-bin out of the council. 😁
  4. NottyImp

    FAO Chesh..

    ... WE'RE SAFE!!!!!!!!!
  5. NottyImp

    Permanent squad building...

    ... clearly in full swing. The people running our club are serious. Very serious indeed.
  6. NottyImp

    We need to talk about...

    ... our corners. They are currently in council-tip territory. We need some routines. Grant lofting it fairly gently in for a defender to head clear every single time isn't really the thing to be doing. With our wing-play, we get a lot of corners. We need to use them more effectively.
  7. NottyImp

    FA Cup... Adam and the other Crossenders noticed that the club didn’t do much in the way of social media so started to do their own post-match interviews. “I’d often had a few drinks so I was sometimes not that clear about who I...
  8. NottyImp


    Plaudits for Tom. He has had an excellent season doing the tough work leading the line and scored some goals as well. I was initially sceptical. I was wrong. Well played, sir, you are a credit to the team!* *Trying to up the pomposity quotient, there.
  9. NottyImp

    Name The Disused Ground...

    ... I think there's a thread for this, but can't find it. Came across this ground today walking the dogs. There's a clue there for anyone who knows me....
  10. NottyImp

    Sean Connery Dies

    Age 90. Iconic actor. I thought he was indestructible.
  11. NottyImp

    RIP Nobby Stiles
  12. NottyImp

    Boycott the EFL Trophy

    If it weren't bad enough that U23 teams have been included in this competition - a wedge for B-teams in the EFL - we now have a deeply dubious sponsor, Papa John's. This company's founder is not only a proven racist, but the current governance of it is responsible for mulriple violations of...
  13. NottyImp

    Moon FC

    Anyone up for Kickstarting the first extraterrestial football team? I'm willing to email NASA about this. Obviously, we then look to expand with Mars Rangers in due course.
  14. NottyImp

    This so cool! I want one!
  15. NottyImp

    Season Ticket Options

    Just received the email. Went for iFollow season ticket and Pro-rata credit.
  16. NottyImp

    Legacy Initiative

    I posted this on another thread, but what folks think about a fundraising initiative for, say, a statue of an iconic Imps' manager at SB? I'm not saying which manager! Subscription, with half for the statue and half to the club. Even if not this, some kind of similar initiative might work and...
  17. NottyImp

    FAO Liam and Clive

    First, thanks. We get to play Liverpool - current Champions - for the first time since 1961 in a competitive fixture. Astonishing. Second - a plea from the heart - can we ensure all Imps will be able to see this?
  18. NottyImp

    Brentford's New Stadium
  19. NottyImp


    ... aka animal companions. Interesting debate on another thread. We have two dogs. My take on this is that they constantly remind me that animals have agency, emotions, consciousness and value. We play together, interact and communicate.They remind me that humanity is just anotger species. I...
  20. NottyImp

    Why buying shares in LCFC makes you...

    ... a communist. 1) You'll never make a profit because there is no dividend. 2) You'll never make a profit because the share price is fixed. 3) Therefore, you're purely investing for the colllective good of the the organisation. 4) Owning shares allows you democratic control of LCFC. So buy...