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    Swindon fans after lucky victory over Crewe

    Wollacott 8 Absolutely superb save in the first half. Looked assured with crosses. Quite impressed. Not a lot he could do with the goal. Big hole between his legs for the offside goal mind! Thompson 5 Is this the same player that was awesome on debut? He was so lucky not to give away a penalty...
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    Theo Archibald

    Is he injured or the forgotton man?
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    Old Sincil Bank

    Here is a great link to 1926 Sincil bank. You may have to register to zoom in. Photograph shows the pitch the other way around with players on. Small stands around the perimeters. If you can't see it go to and...
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    Waste of money today
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    Imps place in all time average attendances
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    Has this a thread already?

    The BLM movement has supporters for and against. When City play their games next season, are the players expected to kneel to the movement. My own view -as an old soldier, is that the BLM movement or any other organisation that attacked our war memorials has lost all credibility. Further, as the...
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    Joey Barton

    I wonder if he'll come out of retirement, now that Rheady's gone?
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    New Years Honours

    It's that time of year, and I'd like to recommend the Vitals MIE (Member of the Imps Empire) for poster of the year which goes to................. Farmer Imp dah daaaaaaah! Sorry, Luke, ScotImp, Hitherimp and so many others. Does anyone else have a suggestion?
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    New Facebook page for exiles to organise ideas such as travelling together, overnight stays, sharing ticketing issues etc. Lincoln City Exiles -The Journey Continues.
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    EFL Support Tables

    Imps doing well
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    Suffering even more than we have in recent years. They are shortlisted for the best non-league goal celebration, when their players dived into a large pile of snow. £20,000 for the winners of the competition so they have my vote. Money that might help with a step up the leagues. I have just...
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    How many exiles tuning in today?
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    Sent of today playing for NCFC U23's
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    Cod Forum

    Typical of many posters on The Fishy are these remarks -let's hope our fast wingers do their stuff on Saturday. "Still trying to get my head round Slade's post match comments that we were the much better side last night. I think he's losing the plot. Colchester were were GTFC. Play...
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    Treatment of our Supporters

    I don't know if it's been asked elsewhere, but leaving our supporters to withstand the storm on an open terrace should be looked into by the league. Malice was the only reason for this. Some Elderly, kids and women apparantly left very early, unable to tolerate the open conditions.
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    How many to Stevenage?

    I have my tickets. how many do we expect to sell. I believe around 2000 are allocated.
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    Willy Wonka!

    New Gold Dream has made a fellow Vitals member very happy with a golden ticket. Thanks for all of the messages. Thanks NGD
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    Jack Muldoon?

    Someone must be in the know?
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    Charlee Adams Available
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    Eastleigh Tickets for Exiles Wanted

    Two Eastleigh tickets for Essex and Hampshire based Imps wanted. Over 60's concessions (£8 each I believe). Is there anyone here that can obtain these two tickets and either post them or meet up at Eastleigh on Saturday please. Us exiles find it hard to get tickets. Reply or pm, thanks.