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  1. Billy_Bleach

    Glen Roeder

    He was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2006, that's a hell of a long fight. He seemed a popular bloke across the football community, plenty of people with kind words to say including Evans and Scally. RIP Glenn
  2. Billy_Bleach

    Evans and Raynor

    Bring ya fucking dinner.
  3. Billy_Bleach

    Coronavirus vaccine

    How old are your kids mate?
  4. Billy_Bleach

    Evans and Raynor

    A good article this and one I agree with.
  5. Billy_Bleach

    Coronavirus vaccine

    No education or social interaction for kids from December 2020 to September 2021? Madness.
  6. Billy_Bleach

    Joey Barton...

  7. Billy_Bleach

    SE Recruitment

    Evans has spoken highly of Craig Stone in the past and he was part of the coaching team away at Sunderland recently.
  8. Billy_Bleach

    Dockyard - Great Pics and stats in today`s KentOnline

    Yes she should be back home in Chatham, that would be fantastic to see.
  9. Billy_Bleach

    Dockyard - Great Pics and stats in today`s KentOnline

    My family and I have held annual passes for the Dockyard for the last couple of years. I completely understand your stance mate, losing such a major employer has had a massive effect on the towns. Having said that I think those in charge of the trust now have done a brilliant job with it, it's a...
  10. Billy_Bleach

    Kenny Jackett

    Hopefully nothing too serious, always comes across as a decent bloke.
  11. Billy_Bleach

    Coronavirus vaccine

    Absolutely right mate, my Mrs and her workmates are receptionists redeployed to assist in the rapid test centre. I wasn't happy about it tbh but the training she recieved was run by the army and it was kept simple and she and her mates have been thoroughly protected. No red tape to fill in, no...
  12. Billy_Bleach

    Coronavirus vaccine

    My Mrs works at the testing centre at the Black Lion so is eligible for the vaccine. She had her appointment at Medway hospital this morning, straight in no waiting around and very well run. The efficiency of this vaccine roll out has been excellent so far it has to be said.
  13. Billy_Bleach

    Transfer deadline day

    Or Bonham and Ogilvie as they are out of contract at the end of the season and someone might have tried their luck getting them on the cheap.
  14. Billy_Bleach

    Transfer deadline day

    Neither, we sent him to Cambridge directly so when he eventually goes back to Coventry they will think they've signed a new player and we will be due a healthy % of a sell on fee.
  15. Billy_Bleach

    Pam Tyler RIP

    Very sad news, Pam was Gills through and through.
  16. Billy_Bleach

    Extreme Weather at Priestfield

    I sit in the Medway lower and it can be a real suntrap in the late season and August. We beat Wigan 2-0 at the beginning of one season when JED was in charge and the heat was too much. Everyone went to the concourse at half time to escape it, and I remember a steward directing a bloke with his...
  17. Billy_Bleach

    Second Lockdown

    One of the reasons we are in this mess is due to years and years of piss poor government and opposition. This cabinet is completely inept, but they don't have to be top of their game to voted in. When all you have to be is slightly less shit than your opponent then this is what you end up with.
  18. Billy_Bleach

    Second Lockdown

    The hospitality sector has put in so much effort and new systems to make their establishments safe it's a piss take to shut them down now. 1% of infections can be traced to pubs and restaurants for fuck sake. From encouraging everyone to use these places with 'eat out to help out' to shutting...
  19. Billy_Bleach


    Joe Lumley is highly rated at QPR. This is an absolutely fabulous signing.
  20. Billy_Bleach


    Cheese, tomato and red onion toasted sandwich Steak Mcoys Fanta zero