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  1. jogills

    Lincoln at Home

    Lincoln game brought forward to 5th feb and to be broadcast on Sky. ifollow passes not available. Does anyone know if this includes ST holders, will we be excluded too?
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    I see that Steve Bruce has called for the season to stop in the light of the recent surge in the virus. Games are being postponed in increasing numbers and some games have been played with heavily depleted squads. In the first phase of the pandemic football was ahead of the game and I wonder if...
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    It's The Fans Stupid

    I miss going to Priestfield it goes without saying, I miss real football even when I wouldn't have attended. This viewing online is a blessing but vthe whole competition is muted and less. Rattling on with likeminded souls, who share half a century of memories and more helps, but we need to keep...
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    Arise Sir Jimmy

    Barely credible that we have waited so long to honour Jimmy Greaves and Ron Flowers and then gave them the most basic award. They both deserved better than this and Greaves in particular is surely a knight of the realm to any fans who saw him play. Seriously good, genuinely world class and an...
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    Extreme Weather at Priestfield

    On a foggy day I got to thinking about extreme weather at Priestfield. No wimpy postponements but games played in wind, rain and snow the more ridiculous the better. I have a distant memory of a game against Swansea or Cardiff in thick snow the groundsman elected to clear just the markings and...
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    Weymouth & Return of Fans

    Disappointing news from Weymouth. 800 fans allowed in, pitch invasion, alcohol smuggled into ground and social distancing not observed. It's boring but if fans behave like fools we may lose all the things we treasure.
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    Hasta La Vista

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    Priti Patel

    As Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel made an undeclared visit to Israel and discussed using UK foreign aid to fund Israeli armed forces. She went without security and tried to deceive the press both about the visit and its purpose. A weakened Theresa May told her off...
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    Happy Birthday

    Diego Maradona, 60 today. Still living, still involved as manager of Gimnasia de La Plata in Argentina's first division.
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    Christmas Present Suggestion

    I will be asking for this: I know there may be others, who have an interest in such things. Crockenhill pic, magic.
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    New Proposals

    So the Big Six are the first to break cover with proposals for a reorganisation of domestic football. A bit of a curate's egg and quite clear what their real motivation is but it does provide immediate respite for the likes of us. 25% of income to the EFL alongside a withdrawal of parachute...
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    Not In October

    Unless I am mistaken the PM has just taken the return of crowds in October off the table. Just a delay at present. Bit depressing but can't argue and we really must get ifollow sorted now.
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    New Loan?

    Don't know how relieable this is.
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    ifollow/Sky Watching Online

    I will start by saying that I am confused all round so may have : completely misunderstood things, got half the tale, or missed what others have said already. I have attempted to register for basic ifollow on the official site on the assumption that my ST would provide free access. No dice, I...
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    Arthur Has A Plan
  17. jogills

    Flight of Fancy

    Imagine football played in an empty Priestfield but filled with genuine crowd noise and reaction. We have an uprated ifollow experience, which is interactive. All the sounds we make, all of them, relayed direct to the stadium. At any moment your very own face contorted with joy, hate, derision...
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    Salary Cap

    So clubs have voted for salary caps of £2.5M in League One & £1.5M in League Two, to include all extras bar promotion bonuses with immediate effect. How close do we think Bristol Rovers are already. Should certainly rein in the big clubs and level things up a bit. Clubs already above limit...
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    Covid Mementoes

    How about this little beauty Any other offers?
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    Where Is He?