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    Back of the Net - Imps vs Crewe

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    Our Pitch

    We have had problems with the pitch in the past but on the whole and seeing other lower division pitches this season our doesnt look too bad. Having said that I think the pitch isnt good enough for the type of football the manager wants to play. Maybe instead of extending the Stacy West we...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    Feel free to voice your opinions on here about the game or anything else you may want to say. I may agree or disagree with you but I wont criticise you for having an opinion. Please dont come on here with your sanctimonious, righteous I'm a better fan than you attitude because I never criticise...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    We were terrible first half. Only came to life when the subs came on. Sanders has to be starting in the midfield and Morton needs to start upfront on Saturday. With the options we have at the minute you cannot have both Johnson and Roger's starting. Our midfield was non existent in the first...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    How can anybody say that, that was an even first half. Fleetwood want it more and look like the team at the top. We look very, very ordinary and have been littered with very basic mistakes. Unless we get a magic moment from Johnson or Rodgers where else is a goal coming from. We need to up this...
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    Back of the Net - Imps vs Fleetwood

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    County Football/Lincolnshire Footballers

    Yep, Mark Wallington was born Sleaford way on I think. I know Mark and worked with him in a previous life I had.
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    County Football/Lincolnshire Footballers

    I was wondering if they still have the the schoolboy representative teams in Lincoln and Lincolnshire where a lot of players in them days (70's) were picked up by pro clubs. Does anyone have any kids, grand kids playing for Lincoln boys or Lincolnshire. I played for Lincoln boys from Under 12 to...
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    Match Thread: Plymouth Argyle v Lincoln City

    I think plain and simply Brendan we are going for the jugular from the start.
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    Temporary stand

    Got to say really liked the design of the new Scunny stadium. Another that never materialised. Rumoured to have cost £30 million if it had been built.
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    Temporary stand

    Oh ok. I didnt realise that you had to have the rail seating as opposed to just having a good old fashioned terrace.
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    Temporary stand

    Probably has to an all seater stadium if we went up to the Championship. If we dont get promoted couldn't we put a temporary terrace stand in. Got to be cheaper and you would get more people in.
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    Temporary stand

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    Temporary stand

    Surely Crystal Palace have got to get a deal for naming rights of their stadium with the Buckingham group. 'Buckingham Palace Stadium'
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    Qatar World Cup - Shocking Figures

    What. They built 8 stadiums and 6500 people died during the construction of those stadiums. Seems to ridiculous to be true. That's 800 and odd people per stadium. Imagine if over 800 people had died whilst working to build the new Tottenham stadium.
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    Starting XI v Plymouth Argyle?

    Yeah that counts Notty 😄
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    Starting XI v Plymouth Argyle?

    Yeah it was a bad mistake but when a goalkeeper makes a mistake it usually results in conceding a goal which highlights it by a million. Haven't seen anybody having a go at Scully for his miss which he clearly should of scored or nobody getting on the end of them balls fizzing across the six...
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    We need to talk about...

    They've had to just tweak his job description slightly for this season. He's now known as: 'Throw in the towel coach.
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    Sky again

    I've aired it that many times I'm now boring myself with it. 😀