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    Another one gone...

    Scottish manager has left League 1 club:-
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    Season ticket refund update

    Saw this posted on the Facebook forum and thought it might be of interest. Someone has taken their complaint a stage further:
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    Season Tickets

    Saw this post on KentOnline and thought it was a good summary of many season ticket holders’ current feelings, I believe WXGill is still waiting for a proper resolution having asked for a refund? “Fans are regularly saying they missed the game on I-follow, and how pleased they are at saving...
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    Club Statement
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    Tony Pulis

    Sacked by Sheffield Wednesday:
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    Dennis Bailey

    Is 55 today! Suddenly made me feel very old! Walking in a Bailey Wonderland! :whist:
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    Training Ground Troubles

    Surprised this hasn’t been discussed, it’s been kept quite quiet, I wonder if it’s a factor for our poor start to the season? I thought we’d been training where the youth team do at Canterbury, but it turns out the first team have been at Kings Hill due to contaminated soil problems at...
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    Latest Accounts...

    Finally published, see info here:
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    New Signing is given Beckham and Dack’s “No.23”......
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    League One Playoffs

    Portsmouth just gone 1-0 up on Oxford, Curtis scored.
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    Update from Evans

    Answers some of the questions some people had:
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    Garmston and Jake Hess

    Have been released by Grimsby Town
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    My usual content blocker doesn’t seem to work on this site any more, using an iPhone, there’s loads of ads making it difficult use the forum. Does anyone recommend one that works here? Thanks
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    Jordan Roberts

    Has gone back to Ipswich after his loan deal expired. Talks are ongoing with Southampton to try and retain the services of Jones and O’Connor:
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    Scally still upset with the Premier League
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    Scally want players to take wage cuts Interesting quotes from the Chairman.
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    Did anyone see the documentary last night? Quite incredible that no one was ever charged in this case. There were only 8 people at the house who could have been responsible, any one or possibly even all involved. I suspect a pact of silence between those present since all important evidence...
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    Evans on the budget again

    We couldn’t afford Matty Taylor’s wages, but then only 4/5 clubs in League 1 can:
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    Garmston update (Kettners)
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    Have sold out their 2,100 allocation for our match. I thought the Town End held more than that? Apparently they aren’t being given any more tickets which seems strange when there will only be 4-5k Gills fans there.