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  1. NWBluesFan

    Transfer window rumours

    Next time I'll message the gaffer directly... Ugh.
  2. NWBluesFan

    Transfer window rumours

    Rovers youngster Hayden Carter joined Burton ahead of the game this weekend. He's a confident lad, quite tall. A centre back. I saw him make his Championship debut against Reading in the return to play period in summer, and he really impressed me (he was better than his partner Darragh Lenihan...
  3. NWBluesFan

    Favourite ever "guilty pleasure" player

    Bertrand Bossu.
  4. NWBluesFan

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Chrimbo to all you fine Gills fans. Have a happy and safe one. And for those of you with younglings, feel free to remind them that Santa is Covid Secure!
  5. NWBluesFan

    What was your favourite ever Boxing Day home match?

    Gills vs Maidstone, 1989. It's the first Gills game I vividly remember being at, in person. I'm not going to lie, though... back then, I was more invested in the Stones winning prior to kick off. Alan Walker nutting a goal post helped changed a lot that day, if not the outcome!
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    Transfer window rumours

    Dack has matured as a person off the pitch this past year. His comeback has been managed very slowly, and intentionally so. A very slight hamstring strain held it back a couple of weeks but, again, that was managed with extreme care. Not sure on its own it qualifies as "issues". He was...
  7. NWBluesFan

    Steve Evans one of the two loudest and foul mouthed managers

    The Boro' side he brought to Ewood this season was by far Rovers' most physical opponent game. Really well coached and organised excellently. Can't disagree with your assessment here Lancs.
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    Transfer window rumours

    It's green screen.
  9. NWBluesFan

    Steve Evans one of the two loudest and foul mouthed managers

    Warnock? Pot and kettle black spring to mind...
  10. NWBluesFan

    Transfer window rumours

    Wouldn't it just! :)
  11. NWBluesFan

    total crxp

    I'd argue, at this point we shouldn't be surprised with what we've seen. We are exactly what a lot of people thought we'd be at this point - a mid-table team. We've beaten the teams we probably should have been beating and lost to the teams we probably should have seen coming. I think January...
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    Would be Millwall, wouldn`t it ?

    18 pages. Enlightening! The goal of the knee, the rainbow flags etc, is to promote equality by spotlighting current inequality. No more, no less. It really shouldn't be "political" to have a society where football is everyone's game.
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    Steve Evans apparently 16-1 for the vacant Bristol Rovers job

    Losing Evans at some point is probably inevitable unless the club can continue to grow its backing for him. I'm just enjoying the ride for now!
  14. NWBluesFan

    Ten Games in ........

    The MK Dons loss was really disappointing after a relatively positive start. Since then, we've played Fleetwood, Portsmouth, Sunderland and Ipswich - 4 teams who have all won at least 5 games this season so far and were always in the promotion reckoning. Hull was no shock either, really, so 5 of...
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    FA cup

    Woking! Isn't that Matty Jarvis territory?!
  16. NWBluesFan

    Fortress Priestfield has become more

    It's absolutely the right way to build the squad, imo. They'll learn on the way, but much rather we develop hungry young players than ageing veterans looking for a late career payday. Not even a seed of doubt in my mind. Long may it continue.
  17. NWBluesFan

    FA cup

    At least if we draw Brackley it's guaranteed to be televised...
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    Wonderful addition - Evans (with Scally's backing) has put together the finest transfer window I can recall for the Gills. Genuinely optimistic.
  19. NWBluesFan

    Sour Grapes

    Living locally, Matt Scrafton is usually a reasonable reporter, I've found. But yes, this is one he probably should have gone for a stroll before submitting. It smacks of frustration at Blackpool, but ultimately ends up sounding equally sour towards Gillingham, for the most part. I guess...
  20. NWBluesFan

    Match thread V Blackpool

    Good result, great to see Dom Sam bag a brace. Can't complain with that.