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  1. Wurzel

    Well Done Aston Villa FC & Dean Smith

    I think this deserves it's own thread just for a moment. Brought a tear to my eye, and made me proud of what a lovely community club we are and how humble our manager is. Well done everyone.
  2. Wurzel

    Villa Video Moments to put a Smile on Your Face......

    It's winter, cold, the world is going to hell in a hand cart, so why not watch some Villa magic moments and post your own?
  3. Wurzel

    £15 Quid a Game.

    to watch Villa games this season Fair or Not?
  4. Wurzel

    Civility, where has it gone?

    I can get over what mean spirited times we are living in. I'm not sure if it is the anonymity that makes people think they can be as rude and insulting as possible on social media, but it is a really sad place society finds itself in. I know Twitter is a shit hole of vileness, I expect that, but...
  5. Wurzel

    The 20/21 Predictions Thread

    The new season is upon us so what are your predictions for the coming season?
  6. Wurzel

    Football Flavour of the Month Thread.

    I thought the forum needs a thread like this. A place to put your predictions for failure even though the media or fans are hyping them to death, then in the course of time it can be revisited to see if they really were that flash in the pan, or they turned into a superstar! So to start I...
  7. Wurzel

    UN Hard at It!

    It's a difficult job but somebody has to do it!!
  8. Wurzel

    Play Two Up Front.

    A simple message for Mr Smith, try it, give it a go. Every year I watch relegation threatened clubs play one up front, and it doesn't work, so give two a chance. While we are at it play Jack in the middle. Please. Any other advice for our manager?
  9. Wurzel

    Statues that should be removed..........

    Post your examples of statues that should be dropped in the Bristol Channel..... To start..
  10. Wurzel

    Vital Ads

    I am constantly amused by the ads that appear on Vital so I thought I would post the best ones. Also lets help a poor man out and click on a few now and again! Here goes I obviously need a technicolour shirt
  11. Wurzel

    Just when you think things couldnt get worse!

    The Earth's magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America, causing issues for satellites and space craft. Link: The bit that is worrying is this bit "The...
  12. Wurzel

    A Question of Morals?

    OK moral dilemma of the day. Billy Joe Saunders has been suspended from boxing because of this video I think it is clear it is not an instructional video on technique, but an attempt at humour, and as such is it any different from this brilliant sketch from Bill Burr? So have we lost our...
  13. Wurzel

    The Kind of Story We Need Right Now!

    An uplifting story of Villa devotion especially for christmas!
  14. Wurzel

    Staying Up, Going Down, You Decide!

    It's that time of the summer where the pundits are starting to make their predictions for the coming season and it seems that all the ones I've heard or read have us struggling to stay up! Now maybe I have claret and blue specs on but I see us mid table. Have I got it wrong? Are our summer...
  15. Wurzel

    Terrible Final News!

    TBH I can't bear the waiting this week so I've been busying myself with work and the children and trying to forget the game. This has been going well and eldest daughter has been reconnecting with her creative side and playing with loom bands and last night she presented me with her latest...
  16. Wurzel

    The Way Back to the Big Show

    As many of us expected the Championship is proving an extremely difficult league to get out of, just ask Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest. Add to that the strict FFP rules that we are going to meet head on next summer when we have the biggest turnover of players in years occuring...
  17. Wurzel

    Enough is Enough

    Right time to look at the strategy for the remainder of the season. First of all promotion or playoffs is a pipe dream. Not another penny spent in the window, save it for the summer, we are going to need it. Tell the manager and all the players they are playing for their future and they have...
  18. Wurzel

    Sunderland Til I Die

    Anybody else watching this documentary on Netflix? I find the parallels with Villa quite revealing, and highlights where we could of gone if we hadnt have got our act together. Two clubs that had been run down for years, both with squads that were full of players who didnt want to be there, and...
  19. Wurzel

    Utter Mess?

    I've been listening to Radio WM over the last few nights and I've heard several fans both from Villa and other clubs state with confidence that Villa is in an utter mess. Now I know things aren't great on the pitch mainly due to the takeover in the summer, and a scatter gun approach by Bruce to...