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  1. twirlo70

    Brain Dead

    footballers this season, along with the manager . its astonishing how inept we are at just doing u14s basic football, control and pass to team mate. wilder persisting to touch a fire and dosnt know why hes getting burned ,but continues to lite the fire and put his hand in over and over and over...
  2. twirlo70

    As chris wilder

    become bigger than the club, for me i dont care that he as. But from every ex associate player coach physio of sheffield united not one at all critique him. not in anyway shape or form, i dont mean slag him off i mean constructive criticism. i hope he becomes the club and runs everything , but...
  3. twirlo70

    Wilder lost dressing room

    cause that lot arnt playing for him thats plain to see. in the week he wa saying they were this that and the other and need to look at them selfs,then they put that performance in. fuckin very worrying
  4. twirlo70


    Pathetic fuckin crap. from manager down,some bewildering team selections ,substitutions and worst of all his buys. on the pitch inept grass roots mistakes after mistake after mistake, and wilder persisting with the same shit game after game. not doing anything at all different nothing. hes got...
  5. twirlo70


    to come back up from the championship,instead of staying in the premiership ,fuckin plain to see. ,we,ve got a 10 bob prince,who when he gave the manager decent money hes wasted it for this division. we,ll go down ,but we,ll come back up i believe. wilder will always have the relegation on his...
  6. twirlo70


    world class save to keep us in it, brilliant lad outstanding private ramsdale. then captain sharp shooter puts a bullet right between their fuckin eyes. and well done mcburnie did well . bash stop turning to the wing all the time,when ya go the other way ya like lothar mathaius,. fuckin buzzin...
  7. twirlo70

    any lads age 10-16

    Does anyone have any lads ,sons grandsons nephews brothers mates wi lads. this may be of interest to you. couple of mates set this up in sheffield.
  8. twirlo70


    of these lads over the last two games, a couple of dodgy performances,and a few very good performances. we gave them their win. Rammers gave eus our platform to feed of the scraps. great work rate,but have to improve our basics. midfield excellent today, fleck norwood and lundstrum are back on...
  9. twirlo70

    the wonders of sheffield united

    from 1 to 14 lads. thats the performance whats been missing,yes we had luck on our side tonight, but you earn ya luck in this game ,and how right was that tonight. fuckin splendid ,supurb amazing outstanding performance from all of em. happy for ramsdale in perticular, grew more and more...
  10. twirlo70

    The rug as been pulled

    from under wilder making any sort of signing now until the next transfer window
  11. twirlo70


    less. we just dont have a leader. a player to strike fear into a player if he fucks up,an organiser ,someone to spur us on,someone to bollock a player for not pulling his weight, someone to take the game by the troat and demand it submits to sheffield united, a nasty horrible bastard who other...
  12. twirlo70

    on loan

    if ya came here on loan would ya run ya bollocks of. a complete waste getting anyone in, get an u23 in ,at least theyl naturally try their best,which will not be worse than some of these its actually impossible.
  13. twirlo70

    Brandon willaims & Jesse lingard

  14. twirlo70

    team v spurs

    same as for me although we just have to be a bit cuter and keep the ball more. a bit more guile and craft in the final third and ya never know. got a sneaking suspicion he may bring back a bit more experience in baldock though.
  15. twirlo70

    John Lundstrum

    get him signed ,if he as to be our top earner then so be it. its no coincidense we,ve been much better in midfield since hes come back in. power pace works his bollocks of and hes actually as a go at getting forward. get him signed
  16. twirlo70

    gods son gets it

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss billyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, you fuckin...
  17. twirlo70

    FA cup blades v plymouth

    4th round
  18. twirlo70

    6 month

    and we win one. a wins a win . dont know what to make of it . burke man of the match. the rest looked a good league 1 side . but ill take that in the cup when an ugle win is just as good as a good looking win. up the blades. we,re on our way lol
  19. twirlo70

    frank lampard

    absolute fuckin idiot. interviewer ask hows ya christmas been. lampost.. weve had a bad run im so down ,we didnt lose in 16 games now we,ve lost 3 on the trot. well boo hoo ya fucking puff ,try being down the bottom ,with ya heart ripped out bleeding every fucking day. then ya might have a...
  20. twirlo70


    that we,ve become, its no good singling one player out,apart from ramsdale bogle and hackford and maybe brewster ,they are an embarrassment ,the senior pros need to fuck off . a know some are gonna say well in the champ they,ll do well,but can we wait and take that chance, i wouldnt not a...