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    Is he worth a punt ? Apparently his representatives have contacted Newcastle and offered his services.He currently has no club so he is available.
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    Woyz Boyz

    Could do the double over them tonite so not only back to back wins but also back to back doubles.Lets hope we get a performance on a par with the Everton game and Bruce allows the players to play on the front foot.Hopefully another 2-0 scoreline..
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    Vs Brentford

    About 5 weeks ago I dreamt we lost this game 7-0 horrible dream really. Oh and by the way we should never have sold Tovey.
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    Is he fit ? Or carrying a knock or is it a lack of form,.He seems below par and off the pace.
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    To Broocey, not everyone's cup of tea I know but he is trying to improve the squad.
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    Bruce, Benitez Or Allegri

    Rumor has it that Rafa { who does not break contracts } is likely to be approached about a possible return to the club. If this is true then it will be 2 years before he would be free to do so according to his own code. On a personal note I think him coming back would be a step in the wrong...
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    As A Matter Of Interest

    Does anyone know the amount of Season Tickets that have been sold ? Apologies if this has already been discussed.
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    8 Changes For Tonight

    Too many if you ask me like.
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    The £20m Bonus

    So Ashley is going to hoy £20m at the players if Newcastle win the F.A.cup. As if that is ever going to happen anytime soon. It would of been far better to hoy it at Rafa on top of the paultry figure that will be available to him to try and lure a couple of teenagers or washed out players to the...
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    It's Good To See

    That this must be the first time in many a year that there is no Mr.Big Bollocks playing for the club.Non of the current crop seem to be showing signs of bigging themselves up to be something they are not. Wht we have is a group of players who are putting their sweat into their performances and...
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    Andre Gray

    Anyone other than me think he's worth a punt ? Only a year left on his contract. Proven in the prem,think he would love to play in front of 50,000 + week in week out. Add to this that Rafa likes him too. Be worth putting in a £20m offer,to test the water or so to speak.
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    Howay Then Have A Punt

    With rumours flying around linking every footballer who has 2 legs with Newcastle at the moment pick a player who you would like to see wearing the black n white stripes next season. For me the one who I would like to see playing here is Sigurdsen ( probably spelt wrong ).A big price tag but has...
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    A win away at Leeds tomorrow will put some daylight between us and the chasing pack.With nobody other than Reading adding to their tally in the top 6.Even Brighton slipped up on friday only gaining an home point against The Ville.So even a loss at Leeds would not be a disaster but 3 points would...
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    Barnsley V Newcastle

    Game tomorrow neet being shown live on Eurosport Asia.Anyone with links please post them.
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    Newcastle V Brentford ( Match Thread )

    News just in.....There isn't a match thread for todays game. Anyone with any links please post them for the lads.
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    Preston Away

    Anybody apart from me garn to that game ?
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    Be Interesting To See

    If Mitrovic and Gayle are paired together upfront.With only 1 game left on his ban and hopefully a mass improvement on his temperament I think this pairing has potential.Add to this Ritchie who has been impressive so far adding the ammunition from either flank can see Gayle getting a few knock...
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    Big Sam

    Imploding all over social media bemoaning that Cabaye's missed penalty was orchestrated. That Newcastle are getting the rub of the green whereas Sunderland are getting nothing. Also moaning about the money Newcastle have spent on the squad. Nothing mentioned about his team getting a dubious...
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    Miracles Can Come True

    Well done Leicester,respect.Always liked Ranieri,both he and his team deserve to be champions.You don't have to spend millions and be fashionable to win the league.Amazing stuff and well deserved.
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    Is This Classed As Good

    News or not ? Mbemba and Cisse declared fit for sunday. Taking into consideration that neither of them has had any playing minutes behind them for months. While it should be classed as good news for the run in I fear that Sunday has come round to early for the pair. A possibility of them being...