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    EU strategy to destroy the Chequers ‘agreement’...

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    EU strategy to destroy the Chequers ‘agreement’...

    There does not have to be anything. They are all about delays. Their inflexible bible of rules is sacrosanct and just applies across the board. The vaccine thing took them an age to actually look at, upon which they took a practical view as it finally dawned on them after 3 months that it would...
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    He appointed Starmer, so maybe Starmer stands for lies and cronyism in the view of the voters, hence what the polls are saying. Still have not seen any punishments for all the supposedly rampant and widespread anti semitism that Starmer promised immediate action on when suspending Corbyn for...
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    Prince Andrew, the Royals and the media

    You are just perpetuating a falsehood there, as you are clearly a racist. :whist:
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    Prince Andrew, the Royals and the media

    But what if someone scored an own goal or gave away a penalty? Would it be "Orf with their head" ?
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    Peter Crouch Podcast (n/g)

    If he seriously expects us to believe that the only F word that was ever directed at him from the stands during his career was "freak", and that we were the only crowd that actually thought of it, considering his "unusual" build, I think he was quite fortunate. It was only because his dad...
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    Which team do you dislike but don't know why?

    Stenhousemuir for me.
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    Prince Andrew, the Royals and the media

    I think that is the point with Harry. It was rumoured that his two previous long term girlfriends (Chelsy and Cressida) would not consider marrying him due to the loss of privacy. Unfortunately for him, the one that he thought was willing to accept the publicity that comes with royal duties...
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    Prince Andrew, the Royals and the media

    I have a feeling that the clip they have showed this morning may blow up in Meghan's face. Until now, she and Harry have been able to cite the big bad UK press as the target for their ire, but it is clear that she is going to have her guns trained on the whole royal family or "firm" as she...
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    Scally and Evans

    I wouldn't disagree but both Stan Ternent, then, and Warnock (now) have used him as their right hand man when their teams have been pretty successful. Probably more Peter Taylor (the other one) than Brian Clough.
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    Gills Vital 2020/2021 Prediction League - Match 38: Gillingham Vs Ipswich Town

    Gills 1 (Dempsey) Tractor gang 1 (Bishop)
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    31st Anniversary

    Funnily enough, I researched that game a while ago and noticed that a young Dion Dublin was in the Cambridge United team that night. I am a gimmer so my dad started taking me in about 1968/69. I can not remember the first opposition but I can remember a lot of the players - Brian Yeo, John...
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    Scally and Evans

    Penfold and the Fatman....I like it !!
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    The Official Francis FC Match Thread (sponsored by Winkelman Removals "for all your relocation needs")

    I love some of BFSE's mischievous comments about MK's style of play on Kent Online today: “In fairness to them we knew how they would play, their goalkeeper would have the most possession, more than any outfield player for sure, that is how they play." “Their idea became ‘how many time can we...
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    ‘Gillingham’s Biggest Earners Revealed’

    He does, but I also suspect that he tells Evans that, if he meets the excessive demands of a player that Evans wants, how much it will deplete the reserves within the agreed total budget. If Evans still says go ahead, he can not moan if he ends up short of a full squad when the budget is fully...
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    meanwhile back in jocko-land - n/g

    Yeah - have a bit of respect when you refer to the sweaties.
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    meanwhile back in jocko-land - n/g

    Sending their kids back to school on 15th March as Bozza had taken the 8th March and they would take their last breath before ever aligning with England. Mel Gibson would be proud.
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    Parsley sauce usually. I quite like it and is probably the only unusual item sold in those shops, if you don't like jellied eels (admittedly yuk). So easy to buy a meat pie at any bakers and warm it up, and how can you make mash taste any different to home made, which also takes minimum effort?
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    How were the antibiotics?
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    Are we sitting comfortably?