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    Can you be more specific ?
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    Is he worth a punt ? Apparently his representatives have contacted Newcastle and offered his services.He currently has no club so he is available.
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    Chelsea v NUFC

    So he takes off Gayle and brings on a false no9,should have brought on Carroll.
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    Chelsea v NUFC

    Get Carroll on to rough up their defenders.
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    v Southampton

    World class that Almiron kid,fancy him for an hatrick the way he is playing like.
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    Woyz Boyz

    Could do the double over them tonite so not only back to back wins but also back to back doubles.Lets hope we get a performance on a par with the Everton game and Bruce allows the players to play on the front foot.Hopefully another 2-0 scoreline..
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    Today's Yes or No Thread

    When I saw the title of the thread it reminded me of the glory days gone by.Shame on the author of this misleading thread. Any chance of some nice pics of Lily James.Cameran Diaz or Kate Beckinsale to liven things up a bit ?
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    Joe Willock

    Thing for me on loan deals are why are we offering game time to a player who could one day rip us apart for an opposing team when we should be developing our own players.Loan deals with an option to buy I can see the logic in that.
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    Everton v Newcastle

    Fair play Broocey you deserve the plaudits.
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    v Leeds

    At last the players looked like they were prepared to compete and give it a go.
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    v Leeds

    See Wilson is reverting to type.Has a tendency to bang the goals in early in the season and then goes missing in games.
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    Aston Villa v Newcastle

    So then,what should I do ? Tune into Sky Sports watch the game and ruin the rest of my weekend or watch something else and pop match of the day on later for a watered down version of our latest disaster.
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    Sheff utd v newcastle

    Again a starting 11 that was not set up to win the game.
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    Sheff utd v newcastle

    An all time low this,never been so pissed off as a Newcastle fan.
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    Vs Brentford

    It is becoming more and more painful watching this team trying to emulate footballers.I have recently been paying attention to a sport that is easy on the eye and less frustrating than football.I would like to draw your attention to ladies beach volleyball.The kit they wear is astounding and the...
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    Vs Brentford

    About 5 weeks ago I dreamt we lost this game 7-0 horrible dream really. Oh and by the way we should never have sold Tovey.
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    Half time team talk will be...more of the same lads try and restrict them to a reasonable score line.Do our players suffer from nosebleeds if they get over the half way line?
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    Southampton v NUFC

    I feel sorry for Wilson must be lonely for him in the opposition half,this current crop of players couldn;t attack a plate of chips.Maybe they suffer from nose bleeds if they are over 30 yards from their own goal line.
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    I hope not but over the games he'[s played since signing his new contract he appears to me like he has become Kenedied,another player who at first showed great promise and potential.
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    Southampton v NUFC

    We can't even do the basics,yet again a poor performance.