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    Plymouth 4-3 Lincoln City: Ryan Lowe Talks To The Press

    Wonder if he said that it was a tactic to dive and cheat to MA's face? Think it's pretty poor to question a fellow managers professionalism and ethics.
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    Imps To Take On PNE In FA Youth Cup 3rd Round

    Youth Cup to return on March 20th with the final at the end of May.
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    Democracy in the UK...

    More from Project Fear and incredibly worrying although the UK Govt and DUP has also met with these loyalist groups previously, the same DUP and UK Govt who attacked Corbyn for meeting Republicans. The writing is on the wall for NI, I'm sure Boris and co will be putting plans in place to blame...
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    Remy Howarth Signs New Deal!

    Have to give players time to develop. Would expect a half season loan next year in L2 to get games. Loved hearing his interviews, someone who sounds so enthusiastic and loves the game, great attitude which bodes well for him. To come from Cefn Druids he hasn't looked out of place when given an...
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    To quote Paul Weller: "You choose your leaders and place your trust As their lies wash you down and their promises rust You'll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns"? "And the public wants what the public gets · But I don't get what this society wants"
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    Anthony Scully new contract?

    The thing with Scully for me is it's rare to see a player from a Premier League academy to have that jack russell trait of workrate and desire which is often seen in players who are making their way back up the pyramid. Add that tenacity and determination to technical ability which he receives...
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    Democracy in the UK...

    The ERG home of our good friend Karlos McCartney now want to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol. Chief idiot Mark Francois, the ERG chairman, said: We will no doubt be told that the EU will never renegotiate the protocol - just as we were repeatedly assured they would never reopen the...
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    He thinks we're stupid and unfortunately a large percentage will swallow these lies. Hiding these dodgy PPE contracts behind vaccine success, they are completely separate and accusing someone else of a fox murderer - from the guy who has hosted several illegal hunts. Cannot stand this guy -...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    Not listened to his interview but he calls it how it sees it which always fills me with confidence.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    Should have mentioned, telescope in use.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    Fair play to Swindon, they took note from Accrington and gave it a real good go and to be honest will be kicking themselves as they didn't get the 3 points. As for us, jeeez, a season has it ups and downs and we're just lacking that *buzz* from earlier in the season. Those quick, tidy passages...
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    Starting XI v Swindon Town?

    Agreed, whilst Walsh shows how important it is to have a left footer in the centre of defence, I just wouldn't risk Roughan coming in after a few months in the heart of defence. If Jackson misses out, TJ to partner Lewis with Poole in at RB seems the safer bet.
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    Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

    Unfortunately for TJ he's not our player as good as he has been we have to prioritize for our own players.
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    MApp paper talk

    Here we go again...! Send Makepeace to ask the questions re: Are you interested in such and such job?
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    Match Thread: Sunderland v Lincoln City

    Expected team as we don't have much else! Sunderland going strong which I'm a touch surprised about. Will be good to see how Sanders plays. The Imps have surprised us all season, best of luck lads, we're behind you!
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    Virgin Wines

    Good stuffs, nice to see local people/businesses doing well in the current climate. I expect free fizz all round should we do the unthinkable this season!
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    ^ For a moment, I thought that was a picture of the current state of the pitch! I was going to say how have they managed that?!
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    Cowley and Dons?

    No way would MA get on with Darragh, talk about chalk and cheese!
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    Steve Evans Requests Football Association Simulation Action

    I'd be interested to hear what MA things about Steve using a young opposition player to deflect away from his own inadequacies following a defeat. Still no mention from him about Akinde's dive in the box to get a penalty or Graham who went down multiple times akin to Johnson or indeed the 4th...
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    Match Thread: Hull City v Lincoln City

    BBC Radio Humberside love going after managers, see Michael Jolley for further proof. McCann didn't sound didn't sound convincing to me.