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  1. Foxinthebox67

    New Signing?

    Just received a tweet from the club saying a new signing is "incoming". Anyone got any idea who it might be?
  2. Foxinthebox67

    Peter Whittingham (n/g)

    Just reading reports that Peter Whittingham has passed away at the age of 35 following a freak accident at home. If this is true its such a sad loss. I always admired his footballing ability and he scored some cracking goals. RIP Peter
  3. Foxinthebox67

    Wilkinson to Dagenham

    My son has informed me that according to the club's twitter feed Wilkinson has gone to Dagenham. (I don't do twitter!)
  4. Foxinthebox67

    Round 2 - who did we get?

    Home to Carlisle
  5. Foxinthebox67

    Today's Line up

    Holy Lacey Nugent Ehmer Zakuani O'Neill Byrne Clare Wagstaff Wilkinson Eaves i make that 4 centre backs and a full back. Anyone want to hazard a guess at the formation we are playing today?????
  6. Foxinthebox67

    What Might Our Starting 11 Look Like?

    I'll elect for a 3 5 2 formation Holy Zakuani Ehmer Lacey Wagstaffe Garmston...
  7. Foxinthebox67

    Live access to Football League Matches overseas

    According to the BBC there are moves afoot for all football league matches to be streamed live overseas. It's not free but at least if you live abroad you'll be able to suffer the pain heartache and sporadic moments of joy that we suffer over here. I'm trying to post the link but if it doesn't...
  8. Foxinthebox67

    Season over for Dack

    The FA have suspended Bradley for a further 2 matches following receipt of the referees match report from the MK Dons game. Not sure I can completely understand a 4 game ban following 2 yellow cards (the second for dissent) when violent conduct only normally carries a 3 game ban. I know its his...
  9. Foxinthebox67

    Pennock's Team for Today

    Nelson Jackson Herd Ehmer Konchesky Wright Knott Wagstaff List Dack JET Subs Hadler Donnelly McDonald Osadebe Oldaker Byrne Dickenson List back in from not being in the 18. Herd starts presumably at centre back. Anyone know why Oshilaja is not in the squad? No out and out striker in the...
  10. Foxinthebox67

    Another one gone!!

    Mike Phelan dismissed by Hull after less than 3 months since he was formally appointed to the job. :26: :26: :26:
  11. Foxinthebox67

    This year can F**k right off now

    Now Debbie Reynolds rushed to hospital with suspected stroke. Its at least one a day for the past week
  12. Foxinthebox67

    Oxford v Gills

    1 nil down.
  13. Foxinthebox67

    Another one Gone!!

    Flitcroft has parted company with Bury. A team that had a lot of investment in the summer, started well and has then plummeted like a stone. Sound familiar? Mr Scally, over to you!
  14. Foxinthebox67

    Russell Slade....

    .....let go by Charlton.
  15. Foxinthebox67

    2nd Round Cup Draw

    Away to Blackpool.. Long trip for Brackley!!
  16. Foxinthebox67

    Another one gone

    Jimmy Floyd sacked by QPR
  17. Foxinthebox67

    Tickets for Brackley

    I see from the website that ticket prices have been released. 12 for adults, 6 for under 18s and over 65s and 1 for under 12s. Competitive pricing but for me paying full price I think 12 to see us take on a non league side is just a shade too pricy. 10 would have been sufficient in my view. I...
  18. Foxinthebox67

    Brizzle R v Gills

    Gills Team Bond Jackson Oshilaja Ehmer Konchesky Wagstaff Wright Herd Hess Dack McDonald
  19. Foxinthebox67

    Tonight's Team

    Nelson Pask Ehmer Oshilaja Wagstaff Knott Oldaker Dack Byrne Osadebe Thomas Bench Hadler Hessenthaler Macdonald List Dickenson Chapman Wright Looks like we're down to the bare bones. Please can we keep a clean sheet for once!!!
  20. Foxinthebox67

    Gillingham Away to Spurs