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    Just been reading some comments from Paul Warne. In essence says they are being forced to play a game tomorrow against Barnsley, despite covid being rife in the squad, or risk a points deduction. They can only muster 3 or 4 for the bench. They were told to trim a day of the mandatory isolation...
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    Oh jimmy jimmy

    In amongst the sheer misery of what going on with the club it’s been a while since I’ve been lifted by sport. Jimmy Anderson taking his 600th test wicket has done just that. Incredible effort, fantastic ability and a brilliant achievement.
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    I haven’t had one decent nights sleep this month due to all this shit. This doesn’t feel like a relegation, it feels like we are the victim of one great big conspiracy. This injustice can not be allowed to stand unchallenged. If we try and fail at an independent commission then that’s one...
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    I’ve just seen on Sky Sports we’ve been relegated. Apparently Championship Manager predicted the outstanding results and ran a last day scenario. Charlton won away at 9 man Leeds and we drew with Fulham going down on goal difference. I wonder what our esteemed chairman will have to say on this...
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    Congratulations to Boris

    and his partner on the birth of their new son. Some quite nasty, ill informed comments this morning about why he will be absent from the commons today. From heavy journalists too which only serves to highlight how low this country’s media has sunk. No waiting for facts, just straight to...
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    Covid 19 impact

    Just posted this on the Brexit thread but probably more relevant on main board. Heard on the wireless today that it took about ten days for Italy to put postpone/cancel sporting fixtures en masse and that ten days ago the Covid 19 cases were at roughly the same level as the UK ones yesterday...
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    Not a question i thought I’d ever ask with genuine concern, however does anyone know why Naismith was subbed? I assume injury?
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    Joyce v Cook

    Warren Joyce is considered by some to be the worst ever manager of this club. He was only afforded 24 games so let’s compare Joyce vs Cook: Joyce: P 24, W 6, D 5, L 13. Goals scored: 19. Cook: P 24, W 3, D 8. L 13, Goals scored: 18. Unequivocal statistical proof that Cook is a worse...
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    SOS Nigel Adkins

    There has to be a change in manager. Cook has drained all positivity out of the players and supporters. His record, particularly sway from home, is beyond woeful. No manager should be able to survive that. Whether we’ve good enough players to survive is subjective, whether we have a good enough...
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    Thought this lad was a decent signing on a free. Hold my hands up and say I got this one wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a keeper make so many mistakes game after game since joining a goal. Just seen today’s goals back and it’s embarrassing, he’s absolutely shite and wouldn’t get in a non...
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    Recruitment Team

    ??? Fair play to ‘em. I was somewhat sceptical of their ability to get the job done a few weeks back and suggested they needed to pull their fingers out. Every credit as they’ve done just that. For the first time in many a season we’ve managed to assemble a balanced squad. Yes we’ve spent...
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    Football, wow

    For the third night running I've just watched a game of football that has had everything: unbelievable goals, incredible tension, capitulation, barely believable comebacks, tears of sorrow, tears of joy and just unbelievable emotions. What a fantastic sport.
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    Knob end (home)

    Difficult to call this one as knob end have nothing left to play for and have a number of absentees. However you have to wonder how much has been taken out of the lads playing with ten men for most of the game a few days ago in warm weather. Maybe freshen up the team up front and on the wings...
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    New signing

    Wigan Athletic are delighted to announce that Kevin Roberts has joined the club as a non-executive director. Kevin is an international business leader, founder and educator who has previously worked in senior leadership roles at Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Pepsi-Cola and Saatchi & Saatchi, one...
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    This should be pinned up on the walls of Euxton. It's an embarrassment.
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    Bristol (A)

    Just seen the news that Crackers is done for the season. Bit of a blow that one. Mcmanaman is also done and Roberts crocked too. An injury to Massey or Pilkington and we really will be in the brown stuff. Looks like Naismith will be returning to the fold - time for this lad to prove me wrong...
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    Staying up

    Ignoring who the manager is and assuming Cook stays how do we stay up looking at the remaining fixtures? We've 5 at home and 4 away - good job given the away form. Bolton. H. - genuinely worse than us. It's a must win. If we don't forgot the rest of the fixtures. In reality it relegates them...
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    Anyone watching the Birmingham villa game and see this incident? Absolutely disgraceful, just no place in the game for this.
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    Another Saturday home game bites the dust

    Norwich game now moved to midday on a Sunday for TV. It is no wonder attendances are dwindling with matches moved to Sunday lunchtimes and Friday nights for TV and all midweeks available at the press of a button. Great ticket prices by the club for the Norwich game but will have zero impact on...
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    Magnificent seven

    Cracking western from what I recall.