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  1. Forever yellow76


    Im expecting another tight affair, and most likely a draw. The way we are playing and against every team that plays us on the counter it always turns out a 1 goal decider or draw doesnt it. Do we bring back Gianni? Or revert to sorenson who to be fair played in the side every game that got us to...
  2. Forever yellow76


    Ok huge game as we all know, avoid defeat must be the remit, a win would be huge and put 8 pts between us. Without Emi im yet again worried we will be slow in the middle with our build up, and Pukki is worrying me again looking jaded and slow to get his shots off. I would hope Mario will be...
  3. Forever yellow76


    Im concerned our game may get cancelled, lots of footy games inc the scum been effected by covid, plus rugby games now falling foul too. If it does go ahead, will it be same line up would you expect?
  4. Forever yellow76


    Won 4/5 games, scored 10 set piece goals this season already and have one of the best defences. I think this may be one of our toughest games so far.
  5. Forever yellow76

    Blackburn Rovers........

    Will it be the same line up again this saturday? Is krul fit to return yet? I see trybull is not been used much at rovers, and we come up against bradders who i always rated at norwich, anyone know the real reason he was sold so suddenly st the time?? Rovers have a hotshot in Armstrong upfront...
  6. Forever yellow76


    Looks like most of the international guys bar idah (no miss) have come back ok, mcduff wasnt in the sweaty socks squad so not sure about him, again no miss if hes out. Warnock has got Boro hard to beat and theyve already drawn 6 times so far so im expecting another tight game which wont suit us...
  7. Forever yellow76

    Bristol city

    What do you think DF will do with the LB situation this weekend for our early k.o. on sky? Surely cant play Sorenson there again?
  8. Forever yellow76


    Do we go the same lineup guys?
  9. Forever yellow76

    Mighty Millers

    Expectations for this one chaps? A wins a must after a shit start, but i can see us labouring to a 1-1 draw here. I really hope hugill replaces pukki or we play a system where they both start. We need physicality against these type of teams.
  10. Forever yellow76


    So hands up, whos looking forward to another 90 minutes of turgid possession based football from ncfc with no end product? Oh and minus godfrey now. At least gibson will finally play but will he be up to speed? Is he pacey and zimbo needs a fairly pacey CB next to him
  11. Forever yellow76


    How we feeling about this game guys? I am expecting us to win again but will be a tight win imo. Rabsy’ return! Will Emi start or be on the bench? I think DF will go same line up. I do think we need more creativity in the centre as last game McCrud was poor and i thought dowell had a poor game...
  12. Forever yellow76


    New season after relegation, first up Huddersfield away. Our old mercenary pal mr Pritchard will be playing, how he has fallen since leaving for so called greener grass! I expect us to win, but as usual think we will make hard work of it and think defending will still be an issue, I hope DF...
  13. Forever yellow76

    Advantage or disadvantage....

    What do you guys think about the empty stadiums, do you think this will help us or work against us? We were truly awful after the prem restart and i am worried if we have any players that dont really have their heart in it next season this will make them worse. But i generally think better teams...
  14. Forever yellow76

    West Ham

    Is anyone still interested?!....... ill watch it as i always want to watch Norwich and at least ive accepted weeks ago that we are down and my faint hope is now gone , maybe ill not get as pissed off when we lose our final 4 games without showing any guts or determination
  15. Forever yellow76


    Potentially going to be 33 degrees this Wednesday, can you imagine how extra unfit our boys will be for this game?!
  16. Forever yellow76

    Todd Cantwell- Fifa prem live gaming fav! Stumbled across this today. Its a Fifa gaming tournament played by one rep from each of the prem teams this season. Todd is ours and is the 11/4 outright fav, you can even back him on skybet lol! Hes in last 16 action this thursday versus sheff utd lys...
  17. Forever yellow76

    FA cup V Spurs

    Anyone going to this match? Weds night which is a trek for Norfolk based guys, I managed to get 2 tickets after a 1 hour que online.
  18. Forever yellow76


    Incase you guys didnt know, Amazon prime is showing Norwich V Soton this weds if you have it, if you dont you can get a 1 month free trial then cancel it after youve watched the game! Its also showing us V aston villa too
  19. Forever yellow76

    Crystal Palace........

    Anyone else going to this lovely ground in a lovely quaint town this saturday?! ill be be there with my son. Think its been a good ten yrs or so since we won there so im hoping we can change this. Main concern is Zaha against our weak defence. Hoping Krul can make it but doesnt look good on...
  20. Forever yellow76

    Our Burnley thoughts......

    So guys n gals, what are we expecting or hoping for from our trip to tutf moor after last weeks unreal result!? Are you going even? Im hoping for a solid good performance and would take a draw, but must admit after last week would like a win again! I think Chris Wood could be a handful for our...