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  1. Billy_Bleach

    Kenny Jackett

    Hopefully nothing too serious, always comes across as a decent bloke.
  2. Billy_Bleach

    Pam Tyler RIP

    Very sad news, Pam was Gills through and through.
  3. Billy_Bleach


    Cheese, tomato and red onion toasted sandwich Steak Mcoys Fanta zero
  4. Billy_Bleach

    Jordan Graham

    His interview when he signed was very good, constantly positive about the club on Twitter stand out player so far and posts this tonight. What a bloke x
  5. Billy_Bleach

    Evans interview

    Decent interview by radio Kent with SE discussing next season, transfer targets etc. Worth a listen
  6. Billy_Bleach


    Cheese, tomato and red onion toasted sandwich Ready salted crisps Fanta zero.
  7. Billy_Bleach


    Spicy Mexican chicken wrap with mayo Cheese and onion walkers max Fanta zero
  8. Billy_Bleach


    Three sausages, mash, greens, onion gravy Mixed fruit crumble with custard 4 pints of Whitstable blonde Enjoyed at the George and dragon in Fordwich, Canterbury. Top notch food and a lovely boozer, highly recommended.
  9. Billy_Bleach


    A massive cheeseburger, homemade chips and a few beers at the Three Tuns in Lower Halstow. Top notch food there as usual, lovely boozer.
  10. Billy_Bleach


    Cheese, tomato and red onion toasted sandwich Ready salted crisps Fanta zero.
  11. Billy_Bleach


    Any other posters on here sick of these fucking *****? Gillingham Green, Beechings Way, The Lines, and now Vinalls Park where I take my boys for a kick about have been invaded by this bunch. Keep moving from site to site after a 5 day notice. Absolute fucking wind up.
  12. Billy_Bleach


    Sweet chilli chicken wrap Cheese and onion crisps Fanta zero
  13. Billy_Bleach

    Evans and Raynor Q&A

    Good turnout, place is packed. Come and say hi x
  14. Billy_Bleach


    Mexican chicken wrap Cheese and onion crisps Coke
  15. Billy_Bleach

    Lovell gone

    Patto in charge tomorrow. Very bizarre
  16. Billy_Bleach

    Lindsay Parsons

    Has passed away aged 73. A huge part of our success in the late 90s with Pulis. Sad news. RIP.
  17. Billy_Bleach


    Signs one year contract extension. Lovely job.
  18. Billy_Bleach


    2 battered sausages and chips from Crispins in Twydall. I'm off for a nap....
  19. Billy_Bleach

    The Queens Head

    Driving down Maidstone Rd today and I noticed the pub has now reopened after a stylish refurb, no longer a Beefeater. I have to say I'm disgusted that us regular posters on this message board weren't invited to formally open the place, or at the very least view it with a few drinks before it...