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    ifollow, blackouts and its future Confused by the £10 refund for the Stoke game. Can we still pay £10 to watch it, or is it on the UK blackout list. Now we are used to watching away games, will ifollow be a permanent feature on Saturdays , or will things go back to...
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    £250 million rescue package agreed for EFL clubs
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    Arsenal away !

    Get us a bit more money in hopefully. Another win over them would be nice too !
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    Forest v Derby match thread

    Managed to name nine of the eleven starters for the Fleetwood game. This one is much more difficult, as several of the starters for that game have made it into our first eleven. Rumblings that Carvalho is in the squad tonight, but will he start ? My guess is Muric Cash Worrall Figuerido...
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    Fleetwood game

    These sort of games usually turn out to be a damp squib, but having splashed out my £5 I'm quite looking forward to this one. Hoping to see Samba Jenkinson Figuerido Chema Ribeiro Sow Bostock Johnson Ameobi Mir Appiah Plenty of others could play, but I guess some of them are on their way out...
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    New rules for next season

    On holiday when this was announced, but can't see a thread about it, and some people might not be aware of them. Changes quite a lot of things !
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    Fixtures out tomorrow (Thurs 20th) EFL sides will discover their fixtures for next season on Thursday, June 20, at 9am. Their opening fixture is likely to be on Saturday, August 3, but there will likely be a live TV...
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    Notts County v Mansfield

    Went to the match yesterday to see how the Forest lads are getting on. Anyone who thinks MON plays hoofball should have been compelled to go and see this ! Walker had a thunderous shot go well over the bar after about 5 minutes, but Mansfield couldn't muster a single shot on target in the whole...
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    Former Forest player Jim Iley dies age 82

    Don't suppose many on here will remember him, but he made 93 appearances for us between 1959 and 1962. He was part of the first Forest team I saw play, along with Bobby McKinlay, Jeff Whitefoot, Johnny Quigley and Billy Gray. Jim Iley also played for Spurs, Newcastle and Sheffield United.
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    Jordan Smith out on loan.

    Jordan Smith has joined Barnsley on emergency loan. Hopefully he will get some game time. Probably a better backup than Steele, but he needs to be playing.
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    Jordan Smith out on loan

    Jordan Smith has joined Barnsley on an emergency loan. Hopefully he will get some game time.
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    Lam gets the chop !

    Gone back to Zwolle on a two year contract
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    Forest v Newcastle (Till we go official!)

    Not around tomorrow. Second time I've booked a day trip, and will be missing most of the game (even on tv), having previously missed the WBA game. Anyhow, having wanted to see all the reserves against Bury, we probably need to give some regulars some match time, along with trying something...
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    The Bury game

    Surprised that only half the ground is open for this one. Usually these games have no excitement, but we now have two players in most positions with nothing much to choose between them. Good performances could get the first team shirt, and hopefully we will get to see more of Soudani, Robinson...
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    No more programmes?

    Didn't realise it's compulsory to produce a match day prog. A vote today has stopped this. Rather ironic that squad numbers designed to sell shirts, mean that if you have a squad list you don't really need a prog. The high price and internet haven't helped either. In the old days they would...
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    Best Forest eleven of players we have owned

    Making a team of players who we have OWNED ie no Aaron Ramsey's or John Terry's, if we had a game today and hadn't had to sell some of our ex-players what would be the best eleven? I have a rubbish memory for football, but will try to start the ball rolling. Some positions are more difficult...
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    Newcastle and FFP Hidden amongst the amounts of money that Ashley has spent, this article says Newcastle made a £90.9 million pound operating loss in winning the Championship in 2016/17, so where exactly does this leave them with regards to FFP? How come everything...
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    Pants or no Pants ?

    Not really seen much of him, but seems pretty decent. Should we sign him up?
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    FA to sell Wembley?

    Having got £100 million of taxpayers money to build it (the FA obviously don't have enough of their own) the FA could be selling the National Monument that is Wembley. Talk about short termism! Will raise £500m for "grass roots football", but will probably result in NFL football being regularly...
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    100 ball cricket / T16.4 / T15.10

    So what do people think of the new 8 City Team competeition ? According to Andrew Strauss it is aimed at mums and kids! Apparently counting to 120 balls in T20 is too complicated to understand, though having 15 overs of 6 balls and one over of 10 doesn't exactly seem simple. Please just stick...