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  1. Bluedub

    For Jack

    Gio Reyna's beautifully told story of that day in 2012. One of these days I really need to say thank you to Sergio Agüero.For a long time I have been like, I need to play against this guy, just so that...
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    Pre Derby Quiz

    Good quiz here if you've 10 minutes to spare I got 49/62, kicking myself at some that I missed.
  3. Bluedub

    Ruben Dias signs.

  4. Bluedub

    PFA Player of the season

    Sense prevails. Siva and Kev in the team of the season too.
  5. Bluedub

    Adios Eric

    Shame, hopefully THB or Tosin can take his squad place.
  6. Bluedub

    Nathan Ake signs

  7. Bluedub

    Ferran Torres signs

  8. Bluedub

    Made in Gran Canaria

    A must watch Blues.
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    Tricky one here Blues, how good is your memory? I got 80%
  10. Bluedub

    I'm stumped!

    What do you think VMC, I can't decide between Hughes and Mancini on this one and can't dismiss the other two either because we haven't seen the full impact of their legacies either.
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    Not Guilty

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    Love this from Hart
  13. Bluedub

    Database Dippers

    Interesting development on this Maybe, just maybe...
  14. Bluedub

    Welcome Cancelo

    Looking forward to seeing this lad play. A little taster
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    Let's give him his own thread, delighted he's back
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  17. Bluedub

    Khaldoon interview

  18. Bluedub

    Football Media

    Let's have a seperate thread for all the negative bullshit, leave the other threads to celebrating this wonderful club. I'll kick this one off with a fantastic thread from Twitter exposing one of our most vocal critics in recent weeks
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