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    The battle of Paris

    Wow. Never thought I'd see something rival Moss Rose, but this did. The icing on the cake being, that sniping and whinging tart, Neymar being one of the 5 reds.
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    With the SPL starting this weekend, I'd like to be the first to congratulate Celtic on their triumphant season. I'd also like to wish Steven Gerrard well in his incredibly brave decision to stay and help Rangers in the difficult task of securing 2nd spot.
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    Leicester sack Puel

    Hardly surprising given their hammering yesterday. Saw this on the Beeb comments - "85. Posted bydjhfox on2 minutes ago About time, but lets go for a young manager, someone who can run with the club, someone who knows his football inside out, ie the Cowley brothers at Lincoln City." Now that...
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    Certificate expired

    Anyone else getting a warning about Vitals net certificate having expired yesterday? I don't get it on any other site, so I guess it's an issue at Vitals HQ? I'm no computer or android genius, in fact I'm gradually starting to understand why my dad always used to ask me to set the VCR for him!
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    Sorry to say

    Unfortunately, Dc/NC have suffered with their first real transfer window. The business done and the value for money ideology (which I appreciate) have left us short of where we need to be. Hope the brothers have learnt their lesson and are ready to move forward with us.
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    Grimsby Town

    In my spare time, I like to take a look at other clubs forums. This season I'm working through our league in order of how likely the other side is to challenge us for the title. Doing 3 a week, after 5 weeks I've arrived at "The New Fishy". I'm a little surprised that they have a 10 page thread...
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    Law changes? Don't like most of these. But, 30 minute half of the ball in play is something that I have thought good for a long time. Anything that kills time wasting can only be a positive.
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    Goals needed

    Just to confirm, it was actually 82 :trophy:
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    Dave the Cardboard box

    WTF! Whichever Imp it is on the FGR forum, please stop giving them advice to park on the South Park!! I know you are being nice and welcoming, and I respect that. But, despite there probably only being a couple of Nissan Leaf type things extra, its difficult enough to get in there these days...
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    Doncaster races

    Met two fellow imps at the races today. Both had better days than Me. If either of you are on here, I'd like to wish you all the best for the rest of the season! Lads I was with must have thought we were on the endangered list, as they couldn't believe 3 could be seen in the same building...
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    Malware attack

    Just opened Vitals on my new work PC, as I do every day at work. I got a Malware (Trojan infection call this number kind of thing). IT guy has asked that I don't go back to the site, which will ruin my lunchtime breaks! Anyone else had a problem?
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    Gary Neville named manager. At least it might get Salford City off the BBC!!!