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    Gardening thread

    Never heard the banana thing, I have heard brown paper bags for tomatoes though. Don't know if it works for Chinese ones.
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    This so cool!

    It wont be bothering me, unless my pension massively exceeds its forecast!
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    Live concerts/gigs

    Are "Depends who is touring" any good?😉
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    Jorge Grant & Adam Jackson Update

    "Tougher", at least that appears to be our present course.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    Both full backs needed a rest, TJ had certainly lost some zip. Personally, I thought Jones was dreadful last night. No idea where his early season form has gone. He is a pretty big fella and not the quickest, so it really shows when it's not happening for him. He would be back on the bench for...
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    What ever happened to UnbelievableJeff?

    For the 78th time, no!
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    Best midfielder in the division.
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    Lincoln City 1-2 Fleetwood Town: Michael Appleton Talks To The Press

    Not sure how many times our full backs sold themselves, or were easily beaten by their wing backs. It was several times too many. In their defence, support was often lacking.
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    Lincoln City 1-2 Fleetwood Town: Michael Appleton Talks To The Press

    Hortin did say "he nearly got very close to the ball". Not sure how far away that is though.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    To be fair, virtually every player in red gave the ball away tonight. A simple lesson for some, you cannot play the ball through the body of an opposing player, and he isn't going to step aside for you.
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    Rate the Ref : Home to Fleetwood 2.3.2021

    8, no complaints
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

    We look completely lost and bereft of confidence. Extra pass virtually every time we go forward. Jones trying to score from 30 yards, at least I think was aiming at the goal. Both full backs have sold themselves stupid multiple times. Opened up by simple balls through half the team, who have...
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    Live concerts/gigs

    Just had a YouTube evening in Sydney with Crowded House. They are scheduled to play an open air gig in Scarborough, early June. The world being where it is, I just can't bring myself to buy tickets when there's every chance it may not happen. I hope everyone behaves and we get this shit finished...
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    Jorge Grant & Adam Jackson Update

    Nobody will be trying to kill any of our lads tomorrow night either. Especially as Joey is no longer with Fleetwood. It might also irk the referee into giving a yellow card at the second attempt. I get where the analogy comes from. But, I agree, to compare the challenge of coping with a football...
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    Darren Moore leaves Doncaster

    If The Wendies are true to form, he might not be their last manager this season! Crazy decision. As we know, money talks.
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    Score Predictions v Fleetwood Town

    1-1, a hard fought point
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    Jorge Grant & Adam Jackson Update

    Time for some Mike Bassett, four four f'kin two? Jones and McGrandles midfield 2. Johnson, Roger's wide, front 2 of Hopper and Scully. Back 4 of whoever can walk!
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    What Are You Watching Online?

    Deutschland 89 begins this week on More 4. I hope it's as good as '83 and '86. I've never been one for foreign language film, but they were superb.
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    Saw Tom Robinson at Woolaton Park in 1994. Also on the bill were Goats Don't Shave, a pretty good Irish band.
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    Match Thread: Plymouth Argyle v Lincoln City

    I wouldn't pay much heed to an "adult" that suddenly changes the team he supports, and I assume has done for a good number of years. Some things are not for changing, however bad (or good:shrug:) things get. But, it's a free country, and it takes all sorts.