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  1. Woanz

    Forest Vs Swansea sponsored by the citizens advice bureau (for resolving your petty disputes)

    In a break from our regular trips to Oakwell we seem to be replacing them with trips to the Liberty stadium instead. Swansea are again riding high in the table while we piss about drawing & boring our way around the relegation places. There’s a 90% chance of rain, not really surprised as it’s...
  2. Woanz

    Forest Vs Bournemouth match Fred sponsored by **** me it’s cold

    So we play Bournemouth, in another rollercoaster ,all go,total football, constant excitement game of football. Don’t forget it’s 12:30 kick off as it’s on TV, some clown that sat near us always used to turn up late when it was an early kick off as though it was a shock, happened a couple of...
  3. Woanz

    Forest vs Wycombe sponsored by throwing good money after bad

    So we play Wycombe who given their budget & history have done incredibly well, where as we just piss money up the wall on loans funded by selling our family silver. I don’t want to be rude about Wycombe but it is embarrassing that a club with our size & history is in a relegation battle with...
  4. Woanz

    Forest vs Coventry sponsored by ordinance survey

    So Forest play Coventry but due to a myriad of factors it’ll take place in Birmingham. Not that it matters where it’s played as the weather will be shit & no one can go anyway as we’re still in a shitty lockdown, will we ever be allowed back given social distancing & the plague having more...
  5. Woanz

    Forest Vs Barnsley match Fred sponsored by RJB mining

    So the weather is shit, the lockdown is shit, the economy is in the toilet so to cheer everyone up there’s a game against Barnsley the word shit tip seems offensive to both shit & tips. Barnsley is a truly horrible place & if you think the people of Nottingham are thick, wait till you meet the...
  6. Woanz


    Just had a text. It simply read Michael Dawson will be the next Forest manager. Not saying I’m happy about that but just passing on what I’ve heard.
  7. Woanz


    Italy has shut all schools California has declared a state of emergency because it’s starting to force all the mass shootings off the news China has had government round ups of people at risk; you know like journalists, political opponents & human rights campaigners. Has so far affected the...
  8. Woanz

    Samantha Gordon

    Word down here is she is no longer working with us & it’s only a day or two until the accounts are published. I would have thought our accounts are improving but I’d guess we are in for a bit of a surprise.
  9. Woanz

    Lamouchz rejects Watford

    As the title suggests word down here is Watford approached Forest about appointing Lamouchz & his told them NO. #woanzwhisper #ITK #managerialmerrygoround
  10. Woanz

    Signing of the summer? So far

    International break so not a great deal going on, still early days but who is everyone's signing of the summer? Got to be Sambz for me. Special mention to Ameobz who has definitely been the surprise of the summer given everyone's assertions his shit.
  11. Woanz

    Oh Nottingham, is full of fun? Calls to ban the chant, not a fan of banning it but it’s always made me cringe a bit. DISCUS
  12. Woanz


    His shit. Honestly what a useless embarrassment. Why Pantz has ever been dropped & someone thinks this clown is the answer. Thank god for Sambaz. Ok it’s an international but every corner is basically a goal & he’s constantly prone to a howler. OUT OUT OUT.
  13. Woanz

    Im dismayed again

    I spend all this money on motorised satellites & the official Forest web site is advertising that you can watch tonight’s game on the owd World Wide Web. The official site should stick to healing crystals, the melting point of steel beams, making America great again & storming Area 51. As well...
  14. Woanz

    Get well soon Charlie! Recovering from a heart attack. Wishing all the best.
  15. Woanz

    Must win game for Klueless Krankz

    Not my opinion the words of the daily telegraph. That snidey shitehawk Percy is snerting all over national news again the bastart, not that I care a jot what the vile vile man has to...
  16. Woanz

    Forest Vs Burton sponsored by Julian Lennon

    Well erm Forest erm play erm in erm whatever erm the erm league erm cup erm is erm called erm as Forest erm travel erm to erm everyone’s erm favourite erm mole headed erm stuttering erm Forest erm manager in erm waiting erm your erm Nige. Last erm time erm we met erm one erm of erm his erm...
  17. Woanz

    Forest Vs Dirty Leeds sponsored by Quality Street

    So after convincing wins for both sides during the week it’s a sterner test for both as Forest go to high flying dirty Leeds. Shame it’s not a week later as Leeds inevitable slide into mediocrity after a promising start usually comes after the clocks go back. Krankz managed to avoid the sack...
  18. Woanz

    Bolton Vs Forest sponsored by Bolton Poly

    Picture the scene you are at The University of Bolton sat in the Library imagining all the previous alumni thinking their big thoughts & curing diseases. One thing you would need a library book for it to find the last time we won at Bolton which was by a single John Robertson goal back on...
  19. Woanz

    Foreign owners owning other clubs Pretty shameful & not unexpected from Leicester & their same old cheating. Could impact us though with obviously our owner & his current ties with Greek football.
  20. Woanz

    Hey Rasslin fanz Heard about this did you? WELL DID YOU? Not that I care a jot chapz.