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  1. Brendan Bradley

    Lincoln Corinthians

    Has anyone any information, or even heard of, this club? I'm certain it didn't exist in my formative years but I'd like to help out a relative who's doing some research and has newspaper reports of such a team dating back to the turn of the 20th century and up to the start of the 2nd world war.
  2. Brendan Bradley

    The Commentary Controversy

    I realise there are different views about the importance of this, however an Accrington Stanley fan complained to BBC Radio Lincolnshire about last week's game. First point - I've never understood why people get so wound up about this they have to bother making an "official" complaint Second...
  3. Brendan Bradley

    Dai Davies

    I saw that the former Welsh international goalkeeper Dai Davies died (unintentional tongue twister) sadly the other day. It reminded me of something that happened at Sincil Bank in the mid 70s, but I may need someone to confirm it, memory being what it is. Dai was in goal for Swansea and...
  4. Brendan Bradley

    Trivia Question

    What have these four football clubs all got in common: Chester Rotherham United Fulham Halifax Town If you think you know please don't post the answer on the thread, you can DM me if you want to know if you're right. I'll post the answer later
  5. Brendan Bradley

    Up to 4,000 fans to be allowed at Outdoor Sports from 2.12.2020

    The number of cases looked to have peaked on 11 November in Lincoln. Ignore the cases shown in the early part of the year, there were more then than there are now as there were 28 deaths in the 6 weeks up to 4th May. SInce 3rd October there have been 13 deaths so far
  6. Brendan Bradley


    Here's what you're up against. The comment about Championship losses relates to total losses in one season for all Championship clubs - it's not related to Blackburn Rovers. The median loss in the Championship is £20,000,000 per season (400k per week)
  7. Brendan Bradley

    Wimbledon Game Negativity

    I thought I'd pull together some of the comments from this forum following the game against Wimbledon. They make bleak reading to be honest: -We are our own worst enemies -Inability to sign decent forwards will cost us this year. -January can’t come quick enough -Well that game can be explained...
  8. Brendan Bradley


    Here's some entertainment. Posts 53 and 74 are my personal favourites. Others may find amusement elsewhere
  9. Brendan Bradley

    Does Anyone Know a Good Kitchen Fitter? This may help. (Sun's timeline is wrong, of course).
  10. Brendan Bradley

    David Flitcroft Pre-Match

    A very positive interview, but I guess they always are no matter who we're talking about. The bitterness becomes evident post match. But I've got to have a chuckle about a couple of things 0:33 "sometimes you get a bit of a damp squid" 1:55 "the lads have got a real infinity with the...
  11. Brendan Bradley


    Goals scored by the team this season Nothing fancy, no soundtrack, no captions, just 8 minutes (almost) of the goals so far in all competitions, in order
  12. Brendan Bradley

    Jim Iley

    A little bit random I know but Jim Iley died over the weekend. I've always remembered him from one of my earliest, and greatest, football memories, when the Imps beat the Newcastle United team he captained in the League Cup. Such a shock was that that it even got mentioned by Sam Leitch on...
  13. Brendan Bradley

    Another Table Grimsby Are Top Of

    Football Banning Orders. Grimsby Town had 28 new football banning orders during 2017-18, meaning they finished top of the pile for the season along with Sunderland. Their current 50 banning orders in total means that in that league table they're 5th, which is a magnificent achievement when you...
  14. Brendan Bradley

    Dean Austin... now available for other managerial jobs now Northampton have sacked him after 10 games. Can someone call Grimsby? It shows how narrow the margins are. Had they beaten us, as they should have done, in the first game of the season, they would probably have had the impetus to get better results.
  15. Brendan Bradley

    Feeder Clubs

    I missed this earlier but I had to read it as anything that comes out of Tim Sherwood's mouth is almost certain to be stark raving bonkers Let's...
  16. Brendan Bradley

    Four In a Bed

    Turns out that Jim McCalliog was recently featured on this Channel 4 B&B reality show the other day. Surely he has to be high amongst the list of the most disappointing signings in the club's history? Has any formerly famous player ever cut the mustard? At 71 he certainly looks a lot fitter...