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  1. Pope John XXIII

    Happy Worst Team in History Day

    Later than usual, but I'm calling it. Sheffield United's win puts them on 11; equal with Derby's record but with more wins. Derby keep the record automatically by nature of being the first to set it. Happy WTIHD!
  2. Pope John XXIII

    Good news only Fred

    Ok It's snowing That's all I've got for you, let's see what anyone else can come up with
  3. Pope John XXIII

    FA Cup Fourth/Fifth round draw

    It's our first time in the fourth round since we beat Arsenal in 2018. We have been in the fifth round once since 1997 (losing to L1 Sheffield United). So this is a novelty. Both 4th and 5th round are being drawn together so we get to see who we are losing to and who we could have played if we...
  4. Pope John XXIII

    Match Thread: Forest 0 Brentford whatever, sponsored by the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting a different result

    Same team as the one that threw away points in the week, but with Yates instead of Soh Let's vote on whose individual mistake will throw the game for us this time? Samba? Fig? Christie? Arter? Ameobi? Or are we going for a more exotic choice? Can anyone tell me what Cafu brings to the team...
  5. Pope John XXIII

    Post Brexit football- work permits

    Are set to completely fuck up the Marinakis model Link No European under 18s are allowed to sign European players will need work permits based on a pretty tough points system PL teams only allowed to sign 3 overseas players per window and only 6 per season This is massive
  6. Pope John XXIII

    FA Cup Third Round Draw

    On now. Not Chelsea away please, or any Championship side as we are crap at playing them
  7. Pope John XXIII

    Greedy big PL bastards at it again Want to shrink PL to 18 teams Wonder what magic beans they will give to the majority to vote that through
  8. Pope John XXIII

    Next Forest Manager

    Looks like being Taksis Lemonis. I don't expect it to go well. But just while we are in that lovely twilight zone where we have Schrödinger's manager (both sacked, but not actually sacked) and the entire world of managerial possibilities is open to us... Who do you want? Rules: the name...
  9. Pope John XXIII

    Match Thread: Huddersfield Vs Forest, sponsored by P45 Sunday

    We're playing tonight
  10. Pope John XXIII

    Season card holders

    So... What do we actually get? I have just looked at Mao's thread again, and it seems we *might* get the ability to see home games on follow, but not away games. For a start, that is absolutely fucking shit and not even remotely what we paid for or value for my £400. I have just been on the...
  11. Pope John XXIII

    Fixtures out today

    At 9am I'm predicting Barnsley away, to pair with our riveting trip to Barnsley away in the cup
  12. Pope John XXIII

    New shirt

    If you are into that sort of thing. Pretty meh; it's just a red shirt really, nothing distinctive about it. Neither amazing nor horrible
  13. Pope John XXIII

    The great big short Summer Transfer and "What the hell do we do now" Thread

    Start as we mean to go on- Daniel Taylor predicts a bleak outlook for Forest following Championship play-off failure
  14. Pope John XXIII

    Lower league wages

    Saw this blog article about the money problems young players in the lower leagues get into; some of you may find it an interesting read.
  15. Pope John XXIII

    EFL introducing Salary Cap

    Sorry it's from the Daily Heil, but... £20m salary cap for the SBC. That goes down to £3.3m in L1 and £1.9m in L2. Don't get relegated from the SBC; that's a lot of work...
  16. Pope John XXIII

    Vital Book Club

    Not of interest to everyone, but Zonal Marking: The making of modern European football is on Kindle daily deals today for 99p, down from £9.99 for the paperback. Very highly rated; some of you may be interested
  17. Pope John XXIII

    Match Thread: Boro Vs Forest, Sponsored by Silva's Appendix

    Pared down Fred because it's been a bloody busy day. Middlesbrough is spelled wrong. It should be Middlesborough. This annoys me. Their team will look something like this; But they have also been using 4-2-3-1. Fletcher may well be out. Ayala and Roberts are out. Friend might be out. They...
  18. Pope John XXIII

    Match Thread: Cardiff Vs Forest sponsored by that sinking feeling

    Grabban plays. Ameobi plays Sow doesn't. Silva back in attacking midfield with Yates wasting his time in defensive midfield. We don't win without Sow and we don't beat Cardiff ever anyway
  19. Pope John XXIII

    Match Thread: Forest Vs Cue Pee Arr sponsored by Noah's Ark

    QPR was always one of anxiety because of our record against them. While you were always confident of beating them at home because we always did, it was becoming a monkey on our back because of how remarkable the run was. A cheating piece of shit, a gullible ref and a poor bit of set piece...
  20. Pope John XXIII

    Season Cards 2020-21

    Can be renewed from tomorrow. No word on pricing as yet