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  1. Nobby_66

    What a beautiful day

    Sun is out, temp is up a bit and there's a lovely feeling of Spring in the air here in old London town. I've allowed myself a small feeling of optimism about possibly beating "you know what" and life feels good. Have a great day everyone.
  2. Nobby_66

    Lockdown boredom, help needed (n/g)

    Did you know, if you rest one of your testicles on top of an empty beer bottle and hold a naked flame to the base of the bottle, eventually the testicle gets sucked inside the bottle? If you did know this, and you know how to get it out, please post below....... Asking for a friend 🥴
  3. Nobby_66

    Boxing day postponed

    Well, the match vs Peterborough is at least. Positive test within their squad
  4. Nobby_66

    FAO Buddha

    As promised Bud
  5. Nobby_66

    It's here, at last.......

    Official GFC fast mask 😷
  6. Nobby_66

    RIP Ray Clemence

    Passed away at the age of 72. Probably my all time favourite England keeper. RIP.
  7. Nobby_66

    Have a great day everyone.......

    Its Friday 13th and its 2020, what could possibly go wrong?
  8. Nobby_66

    Drink lots of coffee???? (n/g)

    Bit of a random post but if, like me, you're partial to a cheeky flat white or latte, might be worth checking out Pret a manager's coffee subscription offer. £20 pm gets you up to a maximum of five coffees EVERY DAY for the month. Few of my colleagues and I have started it up and we're saving a...
  9. Nobby_66

    James Bond has gone to 0 0 heaven

    Sean Connery, arguably THE best Bond dies aged 90 Rest in peace 007
  10. Nobby_66

    Nobby Styles

    Passes away aged 78. RIP Sir
  11. Nobby_66

    Alert from GFC ticket office

    Copied from GFC Facebook page just in case it affects any of you guys... "Due to a glitch in our ticketing system we believe we are missing the details of approximately ten Season Ticket holders - all of whom purchased their ticket(s) after 20 March 2020. If you think one of these people...
  12. Nobby_66

    This man knows how to do lockdown

    Unbelievable Jeff, not bad for a centre half. BBC News - Kieran Amos: Footballer who lost 7st in lockdown nets hat-trick
  13. Nobby_66

    Zee Germans

    Bayern have just stuffed Barça 8-2. After giving Chelsea a good hiding, although over two legs, are zee Germans in danger of taking over Europe? Certainly looking a good bet to be CL winners now
  14. Nobby_66

    Big Match with our Brian.

    Re run of `The Big Match` on ITV4 Saturday morning at 1030, Gills game against Charlton in 1974 is one of the featured fixtures. Got to watch that, happy days 😁
  15. Nobby_66

    Macclesfield relegated

    and Stevenage's relegation overturned so will remain in L2 in their place. Breaking on Talksport now
  16. Nobby_66

    Connor Ogilvie

    Player of the year Players player of the year Goal of the season. Jack Bonham is away POTY
  17. Nobby_66

    Can I just say.....

    Best photo (and biggest inspiration) in what has been a pretty shit year.
  18. Nobby_66

    Jack Charlton

    Died aged 85 after a long illness. Proper centre half and another childhood hero gone. RIP
  19. Nobby_66

    Retained/released list

    due out tomorrow after Evans meets the players individually today (2m apart obviously)