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  1. timnolongerinbrisban

    Paolo Rossi

    RIP at the young age of 64. I remember the 82 World Cup well when he was at his peak.
  2. timnolongerinbrisban

    Dave Shearer

    Turns 62 today
  3. timnolongerinbrisban

    What to Watch?

    With a 4 day weekend coming up and the possibility that exercise will be banned by then, does anyone have any recommendations for decent TV to watch? I have Freeview/iPlayer and Sky, no Netflix, Amazon or anything else. I'm also an IT Neanderthal, so won't have a clue how to stream things via...
  4. timnolongerinbrisban


    Reading their forum, Saturday's game will be in considerable doubt if the predicted weather happens.