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    News re: Bruno

    Wins goal of the round in the cup for his strike against Everton. What a goal. Congratulations Bruno.
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    Sincil Bank parking

    Think there is going to be consultation between the council and the residents regarding introducing a parking permit scheme to quite a number of streets in the Sincil Bank area. Said to be in operation Monday to Saturday at a cost of £26 per year. Would have significant implications to match day...
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    10 years ago today

    Bournemouth beat the cods 2 - 1 at Dean Court to preserve their football league status....... and look what's happened to them!
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    Macc Manager gone

    Not surprising given their start. Think if they don't win on Saturday they set a record of 36 Football League games without a win.
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    Does the captain return?

    Would you bring Freck back into the starting 11 at Tranmere and if so who misses out ?
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    Extra time - Confined to history.

    I see that extra time has now been scrapped in the League Cup now. Level at full time sees the game going straight to penalties which has also seen the ABBA system scrapped and we go back to alternate penalty takers.
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    Match day programme.

    Wasn't aware that clubs were obliged to produce a match day programme. Now that rule has been revoked do you think we will still produce a programme. Personally never buy one home or away and not sure about the costs involved as to whether they are financially viable. Won't make any difference...
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    Sunday and Monday Wembley crowds.

    Looks like there is going to be around 27000 ish for today's League 1 playoff final between Rotherham and Shrewsbury and around 48000 for the League 2 playoff final tomorrow between Coventry and Exeter. Don't know what the record is for a League 2 final is but if we would of played Coventry it...
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    Allocated seating Mansfield away.

    How many people sat in their allocated seat last night? Mine was occupied when I got to it about 5 mins before ko so I just went and found somewhere else.
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    Made a question on Eggheads tonight.

    Jeremy just asked the challengers could they name the only non league team for 103 years to reach the FA Cup Quarter Finals Quite ironically the challengers were Burnley fans so not surprisingly if not slightly embarrassingly they quite easily came up with the right answer.
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    FA Trophy / Vase Finals

    Good effort from Hereford for the Vase Final selling just under 16000 tickets so far. Halifax have sold around 6500 so far for the Trophy final and Grimsby 1300 !!! (One thousand three hundred).
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    Poor turnout for the Cods!!!

    With the cods obviously going to reach the National League playoff final (well, according to all their fans they are) a lot of them seem to have given up on the Trophy Final and 2 trips to Wembley in a week. They are predicted to take less than 5000, yes, less than 5000 to the Trophy Final (if...