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    BBMF Signed Print

    Dean Wagstaff has posted this on some of the FB pages - nice Christmas present if you win! "Tonight provided an opportunity for some publicity for my latest fundraiser for @JonEggingTrust. A print signed by BBMF with pics kindly provided by Jon Clack provides a unique memento of the moment...
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    Fans Player Scheme

    Helgy tells me there has been a very good uptake for the FPS so it's great to see all the fans pulling in the same direction. The more money that goes to the club the better so if you haven't joined then it would be great if you did. UTI
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    FPS Player of the Season Is!

    Well voting is still going on so nothing decided just yet but Helgy has told me over 3,000 people have voted on the various platforms.
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    Fans Player Scheme April Winners

    As requested! FPS draw for April. Congrats to all the winners £100 Prize winner. Sam Kendall Gere £10 voucher Ian Millar. EQVVS. £10 voucher. Chris Konrath. Costa £10 voucher. Owen Courtney-Kester Back to Mono £10 voucher. Daniel Dan Lcfc Hilton Cowley vs Cowley 2 pair of tickets. Julian White...
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    FPS Player of the Season

    For those of you who are members of the FPS Helgy is running a poll for Player of the Season which is also open to all fans. Feel free to vote on Twitter, I believe it has also been posted on Facebook. UTI
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    Scottish Manager Releases 13

    I assume he will be wanting huge amounts of money to rebuild Posh! You can't make this stuff up!
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    BBC Radio Lincolnshire

    Been a really good listen this afternoon. Michael Hortin, Steve Thompson, Mark Hone have done a great job doing a filla! Well done guys!
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    Joe Ward

    Thought he was too good for the National League!
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    Fans Zone

    Good news!
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    Season Tickets
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    Good Luck Bradford

    I hope they beat the horrible Millwall!
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    Matt Alexander

    Good article in the Times ‘Dad would be proud of the Cowleys’
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    He's on his way, he's on his way!
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    Cowley Framed Photos

    For those of you picking them up from me today I should be in the Travis Perkins from 1pm
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    Framed Danny & Nicky Photo

    I realise I have never done anything to help the Imps in my life so I felt compelled to use my picture framing skills (post RAF) to do a number of things to raise money for the club. These I think are a real collectors item - who knows where the Cowley brothers will go? Limited edition of 25, 14...
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    The Times
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    Money Raised

    I guess this FA Cup run and the interest in the Imps at the moment must be generating quite a few more hits on the site. Any thoughts on how the money could go to the club. If a new training ground were to be found would it be a good idea to put it towards that? Just a thought. If the other...
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    Shock on the cards?