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    Sunderland date change

    What the hell are we doing? If Sunderland want to take the cash from SKY for televising a mickey mouse cup game let them suffer the consequences. Another wasted train ticket!!!!!!
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    GFC Holdings Ltd Struck Off

    Having no accounts filed for over a year the warning notice in the Gazette a couple of months age said that all the assets would become 'bona vacantia' ie belong to the state. Any idea what it means in reality?
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    Financial Expert Required

    The 9.05 million debt has resided in a company called Priestfield Developments which is a wholly owned subsidiary of GFC Holdings which also is the major shareholder in GFC. The debt being secured by a guarantee. In Sept PS elected to voluntarily 'write off' the company from Company House...
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    Good Music Comes To Gillingham N/G

    From an earlier thread about guitar solos it seems that many of you like your blues based rock. Can I point you in the direction of The Woodlands Arts Center tomorrow where a band called The Mentulls are playing. The guitarist is the dogs whatsits and the drummer is A1. I saw them in Leicester...