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    Striker in on Monday
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    Rhys Bennett

    On Wikipedia as a gills player. Nothing from the club, though.
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    New signing today

    Don't know who yet, but it's imminent?
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    Let the transfer rumours begin

    Names starting to circulate
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    Pride of Priestfield

    This is a new fan site that has appeared on Facebook. They are looking to run coaches or minibuses to away games, especially from places that the club or GISC don't facilitate (i.e. Ashford, Canterbury etc). If you are interested you can go on their Facebook page to register your interest
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    FA cup replays

    Anyone know how many of the replays TV show? I thought we may have a chance of being shown, but as Bromley drew at Bristol Rovers, I expect that would be shown ahead of us
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    Sunderland in fa cup

    Anyone know if this will be on ifollow? It's obviously a Saturday game, but I wondered as it's not 3pm KO , is it allowed to be shown.
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    Players in today

    Doubt it will be Cummings unfortunately.
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    Evans interview

    Said he was pleased for us and Bolton for surviving and said how strong we looked. His final sentence was " and we'll be even stronger Monday IF the chairman backs us". Looks like he wants Scally to do into his wallet
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    Billy King

    It's been said on Facebook that we've got Billy King from Dundee on loan . TBH I can't recall him being with us, but does anyone remember him? It says on Wikipedia he's been with us since January.
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    Where is Matt Willock

    I think his last appearance was against Folkestone in the friendly, and since then he supposedly had a "virus" then an injury ( who knows how he got that) and that is the last we've heard about him. Seems a bit fishy to me
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    Coach from Ashford

    I'm trying to gauge interest in how many fans would be interested if I arranged a coach or minibus from Ashford to intially the Oxford game on 28th September. I can't provide any prices until I know if enough fans are interested. This is obviously independent of the club as Peter Lloyd told me...
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    Ryan Edmundson

    See we are interested as per link
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    Scally has always consistently said that the budget was as good as almost anyone in League 1. Steve Evans in his pre-burton interview, said that our budget is in the bottom four in the division. Seems as if someone is telling porkies
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    John Marquis

    Looks as if we are going to have a bit easier job on Saturday, as Marquis is set to join Portsmouth for 1mill +. Not bad for a club that were skint a few years ago.
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    Marquis on the move

    Going to Sunderland apparently. That will make our task in the first game a bit easier. Also we are meant to be interested in Mark Marshall to replace Thomas
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    V Dover

    Anyone know admission price for this?
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    Striker bid.

    SE has said we are trying to buy ( shock) a striker. Apparently we've put a bid on and we'll know on Monday if it's been accepted. I wonder if it's one of the Peterborough players
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    French striker on trial

    According to the Medway Messenger,we are playing a behind doors friendly today. There's a French striker on trial and it's suggested it could be Mikael Mandron from Colchester
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    Gary Hooper

    Someone has posted a photo of Gary Hooper's car in Gillingham. That would be one amazing signing, so probably nothing in it