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    Furlough!! n/g

    Last day today of furlough part 2.... 23rd March-10th August 2020 4th January-1st March 2021 Hopefully that is the end of it now for me? Been lovely having the extra time to chat to and become quite fond of a few posters (wont name names)! Looking forward to returning to work tomorrow!
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    Will Celtic fan Steve Evans fuck off to Glasgow for his dream job or will he stay being a lower league manager?
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    Dinner n/g

    Fishless Fish...bloody lovely! 🐟🐟
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    Salary Caps

    For League One and League Two withdrawn as commission deems them unlawful and unenforceable!
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    Zero to Zero

    Campaign started yesterday by Dale Vince, owner of Ecotricity and Forest Green Rovers to get rid of the tax on carbon neutral/ low carbon products! For example, Solar Panals, the cleanest form of energy is taxed at 20% and coal, the dirtiest form of energy is taxed at 5%! Doesn't make sense...
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    Lincoln City Penalty

    Steve Evans has spoken to the EFL’s Head of Referees about simulation and has called on the Football Association to look at it! Three senior referees has said last night penalty should never have been awarded! Report on official website! I cannot understand how he has given it with a clear view...
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    National League/ National North/ National South

    Going to vote on whether to finish the season or declare it null and void! That will obviously void and promotion and relegation right down the pyramid! When you see how many sides below that level haven't played since November and no chance of finishing the season ending it now will probably be...
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    Happy Birthday....

    To Gillingham’s greatest ever left back! 70 today!
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    Football Manager 21

    I know this topic has been talked about before, but has anyone been playing the latest one? Absolutely loving it.... So far I am in my third season as manager of Chesterfield in the National League! This was one of three vacancies at the start of the game along with Derby County and Wigan...
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    Home Schooling

    Anyone else in this situation? Been doing it for 3 days and already losing the will to live!
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    Thank you Gillingham FC Shop

    I appreciate that they probably do not have many staff working at this time, but I want to say thank you! I ordered a training top and shorts online on Tuesday Evening and they have just arrived! Didn’t particularly need any more GFC clothing, but its a small contribution to the club! Now to...
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    Salford City

    Have sacked the manager after a very disappointing 2 wins and 3 draws from their first 5 games of the season!
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    Chatham Town

    League... Erith & Belvedere (a) 4-3 Punjab United (h) 5-0 Bearsted (a) 5-2 Tower Hamlets (h) 6-1 Crowborough (a) 6-0 FA Cup.... East Preston (a) 2-0 Westside (a) 2-0 Southall (h) 3-2 Well worth going to a game, great to watch!!
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    Local Football tonight on Facebook

    Chatham Town v Sittingbourne is live on Chatham’s Facebook page
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    Short term loans n/g

    Not new players, but loans for bad credit! Anyone tried to get one? have always thought my credit was ok, but turned down! Only want £200 for 3 months, still no takers! Have produced that I have regular income and have done for 16 years!
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    Harrogate Town

    Football League next season!
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    Five Substitutes

    Individual Leagues are being allowed to decide if they want to use five substitutes next season! Already being condemned by the pundits! Three is more than enough even now!
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    Compulsory Face Masks In The Supermarket

    From 24th July! I can still go to a crowded pub without one though!
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    Gills in the Blood Interview with Jason Brown

    There was a 24 minute video on you tube and the other hour has been added now! Probably the best and most open interview from any former player! Jason talks openly about his depression and many other things! Well worth a watch!
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    Wigan Athletic

    Gone in to administration! I think we will see a few more in the coming weeks!