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  1. Trev_GFC

    ‘Gillingham’s Biggest Earners Revealed’

    Presumably this is guesswork, but... For those who can’t be bothered to click all the way through: 10. Matty Willock £1.9k a week =8. Jack Bonham £2.1k a week =8. Jordan Graham £2.1k a week =6. Christian Maghoma...
  2. Trev_GFC

    Racism - Controversial Opinion Here...

    I see the media is (rightfully) in uproar after another racist tweet towards a footballer, to little avail. I feel there should be no coverage of incidents like these until the offender has been sentenced.
  3. Trev_GFC

    Charlton Tomorrow - Shirley in Doubt?

    -6 overnight in Saff London and no (functional) undersoil heating.
  4. Trev_GFC

    Lincoln Game OFF

    In case anyone was about to set off... In all seriousness that’s a shame, I was looking forward to the game following Saturday’s performance. Overall the squad availability was good judging by Saturday’s team, although there were apparently a few juggling injuries for tonight. I’d personally...
  5. Trev_GFC

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Joey Barton gone.
  6. Trev_GFC

    Can Someone Explain to me Why My Post Was Removed?

    It’s infuriated me because now my fence has fallen down. Sorry, not in the mood to talk football after that game.
  7. Trev_GFC

    Maybe Scally Should’ve Moved to Hollywood?

    Surreal story of the day (does this top Kent gaining independence?)
  8. Trev_GFC

    Scally’s Letter is Here...

    The sounding out of possible guest tickets for season ticket holders to make up for games missed or will miss. No news of capacity but toilets may or may not be open. Conflicts with the ‘get there early to get an ok seat’ message! Temperature checks, no store (for good?) to be replaced by...
  9. Trev_GFC

    Byrne Not Returning

    Shame, I was hoping he would return to training with his body back in good nick.
  10. Trev_GFC

    Current N/G Events

    Everyone seen those explosions in Beirut? Fuck me.
  11. Trev_GFC

    Bad Actors

    I watched Troy again last night. Obviously the whole movie is about a stupid myth, but that’s not the issue here. What caught my attention here was Orlando Bloom’s terrible acting. He’s just dreadful. Conjures up images from that dirge of a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. To me he’s right up...
  12. Trev_GFC

    What Have you been Reading this Lockdown?

    I’ve probably been reading less given no commute, but I’d be interested to see what books you’ve been reading recently. For me this lockdown I’ve read: - the final books of the Metro 2033 trilogy (by Dmitry Glukhovsky) - the final books of the 4-book Maze Runner series (by James Dashner) -...
  13. Trev_GFC

    Is a National Care Service Desirable / Possible?

    Obviously in these times we’re struggling to fund the NHS to an acceptable operational standard. However, is it desirable and possible to create a National Care Service once CoVid and the resulting depression blows over? A care service encompassing care homes, mental health services etc...
  14. Trev_GFC

    Recent Video Interviews/Forums

    Has anyone watched any of the official forums/interviews with Steve Evans, where fans get to ask him questions and debate with him? Has he said anything decent about the current situation, maybe his opinion on some players? Some tidbits on transfers in the future or past? Also has there been...
  15. Trev_GFC

    Some Ideas/Sights While on Lockdown...

    The International Space Station is a sight to show your kids, as is the comet over the next few days. We should have some good weather and clear clouds these next few days and nights. A White Tailed Eagle has been causing a stir in Kent these last few days, with people seeing it soaring over...
  16. Trev_GFC

    Forgive Me for Being Pessimistic... (Gills Related!)
  17. Trev_GFC

    Your Favourite Sounds/Voices

    ...fuck it, given the social distancing awkwardness and lack of any football until the Summer it feels like the season’s ended. We might as well begin with the Summer debates. Favourite voices/sounds of the 90’s, maybe early 2000’s. Feel free to put in favourite bands, songs, whatever. -...
  18. Trev_GFC

    Great at the Back, No Potency up Top

    It’s been a good season and all credit to our defence, them and their clean sheets are the reason why we’re unbeaten so long. We’ve just been a bit useless up top all season, and I mean creating chances as well as scoring. Other than Bolton we haven’t created enough in any game. The...
  19. Trev_GFC

    27 Years Ago...

    :ROFLMAO: A bit before my time but a great passage of play by Gary Breen and Scott Barrett (correct me if I’m wrong). Nice look at Northampton’s old stadium too.
  20. Trev_GFC

    Who Remembers 20 Years Ago...

    ...when we unveiled our new stadium plans?! Representatives from Venetian Sands flew over the site at Temple Marsh in a helicopter.