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    Marc McNulty

    Can anyone dig out that video from a couple of years ago, when some fella met him on a night out and got him to say something along the lines of ‘can’t wait to sign for the Gills, see you soon’ or something of the sorts whilst he was hammered!
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    jacob Mellis

    Well chuffed with this signing. Very good player. Saw a bit of him a couple seasons ago when he was at Mansfield. Moving back down south is probably just what is needed in his personal life with a no nonsense management team that already know him. I can see a team of the Pulis era being built...
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    Ryan Jackson

    People seem to be missing the fact that Colchester had the second best defence in League 2 prior to lockdown. So maybe Jackson is a better signing than many are suggesting. Decent going forward, pacey, athletic, strong and I would suggest has now developed good defensive positioning and...
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    What positions do we still need to fill?

    As was a certain Mr Eaves record before signing for us. Since Miller left Dover he hasn’t settled anywhere. 30yrs old now, one last shot at football league and coming back down to family might help also. Shouldn’t break the bank with wages either, could be worth a punt
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    What positions do we still need to fill?

    Ricky Miller released by Vale... Could get a good couple of seasons out of him and settle him back down again in our neck of the woods!?..
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    Tom Eaves (just conjecture)

    That’d really get the fans excited and make a huge statement of intent from SE. Sell him his vision, offer 18/24mth contract, say stay for our promotion push, if by Xmas/NY we’re seemingly unlikely for a playoff spot, allow him to leave. Huge amount gained for us in terms of (hopefully) goals...
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    Bolton points deduction

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? Starting the league 1 season on minus 12 points because of going into administration. I think that the football authorities really need to start looking at different methods of fining etc when a club goes into administration. Reason being is the owners who...
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    Buying a used car

    Hi Nibbles, I’m a salesman for VW. Big Motoring World as with any car supermarkets are hit & miss. Majority of their cars are bought from auction from cars that either don’t sell at main dealers and then sent to auction, or from traders who pick up cars at auction. Whilst many cars should be &...
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    Looking forward Tuesday .

    After watching the Sunderland/Accrington game the other night, if we use the width of the pitch with pacey wide players, we will hurt them. Their full backs really push on, and Paul Smyth kept drifting out wide to cut back in and was causing all sorts of problems. I can see a fair few goals as...
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    Eaves deal fan poll ?

    Ahearne-Grant supposedly on way to Huddersfield for £1.5m. Does that mean Eaves on his way to Charlton as a replacement?
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    Good rumour or complete bull plop?

    Probably a nonsense rumour linking him with our club, although could have the slightest of possibilities.... A few years back he did have family in the area as his nephew used to play for one of either Rainham Kenworth or 84 youth sides
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    If there was one realistic signing who we could sign who would you choose and why?

    I'd like to see us go for Stephen Darby. Just released by Bradford, was their club captain and played near on 200 games for them. He would be fantastic at RB for us, only stumbling block potentially is him re-locating down south. Matt Briggs also released by Colchester. Would go straight in at...