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    The British public

    I didn't think they could stoop any lower than the abusive attitude over brexit and the rioting over the last few weeks., but, no, they surpass themselves at Bournemouth. 41 tonnes of rubbish left, including take away boxes full of poo, and social distancing? Pfft, what social distancing? FFS!!
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    Anyone seen this Netflix series? I am halfway through season 3, which is a bit of a comedown when compared to 1 and 2. The first 2 seasons telling the story, with a bit of artistic license, of Pablo Escobars rise and fall are superb. The guy playing Escobar, Wagner Moura, is brilliant. It raises...
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    38 years ago

    The Falklands war ended. Remember so many people panicking as they thought they were a group of islands of the Scottish coast.
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    Awww....cheers fellas

    I got 500 likes. Feeling the love💗
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    Old dogs and new tricks

    Throughout the lock down period, I have made an effort to do 3 things on my to do list 1. Learn to play guitar - not very well, but I only need 3 chords!! 2. Genealogy research 3. Studying, informally, WW2. Haa anyone else tried their hand at something different, or rekindled a passion for a...
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    Dave Greenfield RIP

    F'kin virus needs to fuck right off. RIP to a musician from a band that made a massive impact on me as a 13 year old.
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    Andy Gill RIP

    Go4 guitarist has passed away. Great guitarist for a great band
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    Harris gone

    Leaves knuckledraggers. Adam Barrett in charge temporarily
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    EFL - Restructure or not

    With the financial issues for Bury, Bolton and Macclesfield, is it time to regionalise L1, L2 and the National league, and all cup competitions? Perhaps the cost of club travel and bigger crowds (due to potentially bigger away followings) would make a positive impact on club finances?
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    £40 million ??????? Someone at Everton needs their head examined
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    Borough Market attack

    Have you all seen the video of the off duty copper, a couple of on duty and the 2 bakers confronting the 3 attackers? Putting all politics to one side, how brave where they? Utmost respect to them. Unbelievable bravery. It shows that there are still good people in the world, despite all the crap...
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    The Wire

    Started watching this series again, for the 3rd time. Just finished season 1, and realised, yet again, just how good it is. Excellent writing, acting, some great comedic scenes (fuck, fuck...motherfucker lo) and a great theme tune. For a moment I thought Asaba had taken up acting as Omar's BF
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    EFL trophy

    Liverpool and Man Utd to enter teams next season. Money aside, I still think it's a bloody cheek having these clubs in the competition
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    Mark Hollis RIP

    Thought I'd mention the passing of Talk Talk's singer. A talented song writer, and an underrated band, imo. Another musician, as with Pete Shelley, whose music played an important role in my earlier years. Remember kiddo's, Life's what you make it. RIP, Mark
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    Pete Shelley

    Buzzcocks singer has died at 63. His music was a major part of my youth. A very sad day.
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    Bloody Cardiff! home
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    Gills and Brexit

    No, not a post about the socio economic impact of Brexit on our beloved Gills, but a bit of light hearted fun i find as many links between the mighty Gills and events/people involved since the referendum. Make them as tenuous as you like, but can we get it to the 1000 posts mark? I'll start Jeff...
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    I'll say it now as...

    I am soon off to see some punk rock in sunny Blackpool Good luck to Steve and the boys at Accrington COYG
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    So, at last, proper football returns. How do u see L1 finishing ? Share your top 2, play off winners and 4 gonners. Here is mine Top 2 : Charlton and Portsmouth Play off : Southend Gonners : Shrewsbury, Walsall, Doncaster and, I hate to say it, Gills
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    Away game

    I am hoping to persuade my better, Charlton supporting, half to go to an away game, but I want to make a weeornd of it. So, can any of you regular travellers recommend a decent one. Somewhere with decent pubs and eateries, an no local thugs would be idea. Obviously, Luton is out. Cheers