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    Arsenal 1 Leeds United B 2

    Leeds United never got out of its gear in the first half until the introduction of B team in the second. Suddenly Leeds United burst to life. Tyler showed quality with his involvement in Leeds goal and his linked up play opened up Rafinha, Shackleton and Costa as attacking threat.
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    New Surface

    Is Elland Road a skid pan or football pitch. The new surface became the additional man. It duly handed Leeds United its first defeat.
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    New Surface

    Looking forward to the new surface at Elland Road versus Everton.
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    Aspect not commonly seen in Newcastle vs Leeds United. Bielsa ditched his loyalty programme, choosing to field a relatively strong team instead while leaving behind some mainstay. Leeds United gallant display of defense was also an uncommon sight. They dogged repelled a 2nd half Newcastle's...
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    Financial Meltdown

    Leeds United could see a financial meltdown similar to its predecessor, Peter Risdale if they get relegated. As it is, they do offer some good value with the money its American investor pumped into the club. But their business model would be unsustainable both on and off the field, when things...
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    Leaks United

    The passes were atrocious. The guilty party were Meslier, Ayling, Klitch and Alioski whose misplaced passes frequently put Leeds under the cosh that resulted in the 3 Tottenham goals.. Leeds seem divided in the center and there were constant spat among them. There appeared to be 2 Leeds teams on...
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    Leeds relegation scrap

    At the moment, Leeds look more than capable of getting 26 points. But only 7 points separate them from the bottom 3. If they do get sucked in, there are not many personnel with EPL experience who could bail them out.
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    Biels, the model Manager

    Bielsa may be a model manager to many, but has inadvertently turned model answer, other teams used to map him out to beat him. Leeds has much resemblance to the Harlem Globetrotters that captured the imagination and adulation of the sports fraternity, but probably won't win many NBAs. He used...
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    Leeds relegation scrap

    If Leeds could not put rubber on the road at home soon, then the reality of relegation battle could sink in soon. West Ham showed they could play Leeds whole day and still fashion a leisurely win. Leeds were naive in unlocking defences and badly missing creative maestro Hernandez. Grudge bearing...
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    Leeds very ordinary.

    Leeds look like world beater against Sheff Utd, Fullham & Villa. Good against Liverpool. But very, very ordinary when playing the likes of Man City, Wolves and Leicester who could device quick counter attack against their high pressing game. Teams playing them next would have it all figured out.
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    Liverpool 4 Leeds United 3

    Good result it seems. Any neutral would have taken it before the match. Leeds were beaten by two soft penalties and goals from set pieces. Given that Leeds were playing with a makeshift defense, and at times in sixes, they can only get better. But the frailty in defending from set pieces needs...
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    Don't You Know, Pump It Up!

    Congrats, Leeds United is back to the Premier League, where it truly belongs. It was a long wait but Leeds United got there somehow. Epic. Nail It. Absolutely Magic.
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    Setting up stalls

    Expect Stoke, Barnsley and Charlton to take the cue from Luton and set up stalls while facing Leeds United. Leeds would do well not to expect them to come out into the open play. They won't. They will remain compact infront of their goal and Bielsa must find a solution around the wall.
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    Blackburn vs Leeds United

    Predicted 1-1 Actual Blackburn 1 Leeds United 3 The shape of the Leeds team is still a worry. Slipshod, should have conceded but stayed ahead. When they finally conceded, quickly got the third. There seem to be some fall out among the players. Although they won, its not cut and dried. Leeds...
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    The Run In

    That means another year in the Championship.
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    10 Men Leeds

    Brentford having a clear run. 87 points for Leeds to get promoted. Blackburn next. Even odds to win but not an easy place to get a win.
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    Leeds United vs Fullham

    It was a tale of two halves and brilliant Bielsa got his tactics spot on. The plan was for Leeds to sit back and soaked up everything Fullham could conjure and threw at them in the first half. How apt, Leeds are doing unto others what others have been doing unto them. Cardiff picked their...
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    Burning Leeds Matter

    It could so easily have been game set and match, if Leeds were to beat Cardiff and Fulham. But Leeds put everything into a tailspin by losing to Cardiff, and most likely to Fullham as well. Leeds need several games to get up to speed with their high tempo game. By that time they would have...
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    Wily AR angling for QSI minority stake, to help Leeds United push for EPL and then sell the entire cash cow to QSI for exponentially more once they arrived at the promised land. Think QSI is daft?