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  1. freundorfoe

    Jose Mourinho - Manager Thread

    As well as the obvious Leicester in ascendancy vs us spiraling issue... It wouldn't surprise me if he's still really bitter about not getting the job after interview with Levy. He threw constant jibes at us when he got Liverpool job, many of which came back to bite him in the arse. Made me...
  2. freundorfoe

    Hugo's Howlers

    I agree wholeheartedly. Til the last few games I thought he'd been very very solid since the restart. He's far from flawless and I accept there are better out there, but I'm hoping with a settled backline he gets back to this early season form when he was looking like one of the best in the...
  3. freundorfoe

    Get well Spursex!!

    only just seen this thread. Echo everyon else Ex - kick its arse and come back with your "I told you so's" on Mourinho ASAP
  4. freundorfoe

    Hugo's Howlers

    According to their official stats over the past 10 seasons, there have been 965 penalties awarded and 168 of them have been saved. This means that the chances of a goal keeper saving a penalty kick are about 17.4% (or 1 in every 5.7 penalties is saved).19 May 2020 There's an article from 2017...
  5. freundorfoe

    Hugo's Howlers

    yup you love doing this. Penalty saves are not a metric to judge a keeper by. Remember last time you raised this I pointed out before his save percentage would swing if he saved a couple, he did and then had highest save percentage in the league. It's nonsense. Good pen takers score 95%...
  6. freundorfoe


    I'm not really worried. Just intrigued. Seems to be anecdotal "evidence" atm that younger people are getting more side effects, have a friend who got them pretty bad who is in their 30s, but hearing more reports of the Oxford vaccine giving people side effects than the Pfizer one.
  7. freundorfoe


    Just wondering who has had the vaccine and if they had any side effects? Also if you know whether you had Astra Zeneca or the Pfizer one? Don't worry I'm not an anti vaxxer! Have a few mates who have had each with zero side effects. Just intrigued what peoples experiences have been so far.
  8. freundorfoe

    Hugo's Howlers

    thought he started the season well but last two games he's been awful. Hoping for a big improvement and not further evidence of decline
  9. freundorfoe

    Fans at the final?

    course it was lol older crowd thing is interesting though. Have heard they’ve started selling tickets to a music festival in Germany but you have to upload your vaccine proof to get a ticket. Similar things being suggested here. Definitely means the festival lineups might have a different look...
  10. freundorfoe

    No get out of jail clause for the board..

    seems very un-Levy like to not have any criteria for Jose. A couple of people with Spurs connections said they thought he'd have a reduced compo if he failed to get top 4 this season, and so thought there was zero chance of him going before the summer... but this seems to contradict that.
  11. freundorfoe

    Fans at the final?

    According to the online calculator and current rates of vaccinations I'll not have had my first and 2nd doses til around August/September, so it's age discrimination that those of us less vulnerable to severe illness with covid won't be allowed into events whilst more vulnerable people will be...
  12. freundorfoe

    Have we gone from the sublime to the ridiculous..?

    Japhet, Toby, Rodon, Dier, Davies, Sanchez have all played games and he's chopped and changed which one plays on the left, sometimes Dier, sometimes Toby, think even Sanchez has played left of the duo. Then we've also switched between 2 and 3 at the back. There's no consistency.
  13. freundorfoe

    Have we gone from the sublime to the ridiculous..?

    Been saying the same thing on a settled back line. I think rotating full backs is less destructive but a cb pairing need to build rapport as a trio with keeper. It's integral. He needs to pick and stick to a partnership.
  14. freundorfoe

    Kane maybe Jose's saviour.

    Kane has improved under Jose so can understand he wants to continue learning under his mentorship for the time being. But Kane also wants to win stuff. So Jose needs to show he still knows how to do that.
  15. freundorfoe

    MoM vs Man City

    when does it count as settled? If the team isn’t settled after 18 months manager has to take some blame. He’s signed quite a few players, said he was happy with the squad he inherited and praised Levy for getting deals done he was happy with. Considering 2nd season is when you’re supposed to see...
  16. freundorfoe

    The Bale problem

    Bale admitted some time ago he doesn’t even have the passwords to his socials. Jose said it probably wasn’t bales “responsibility” but he felt the need to address it as it painted picture he was ready to play. For once don’t think Jose has done anything wrong. Bale shouldn’t allow whoever runs...
  17. freundorfoe

    LLoris has to move on..

    think I saw Hugo at no.5 in league for an assorted stat metric in an analysis about why West Ham’s keeper change is key to their form. Believe he’s saved a few more he statistically wouldn’t be expected to than he’s let in that he shouldn’t have in the PL. I’d say he was having a good season...
  18. freundorfoe

    Jose convinced Docherty will improve..

    Tripps was an absolutely liability in his final season with us. Genuinely cost us more than Aurier ever has. Agree with the rest of your post though.
  19. freundorfoe

    Robbo surprised by Lamela

    15/16 season (had to google which one it was) he had a number of good games. Was our best player in Europa by a distance and our 2nd best creator in the team after Eriksen and our best presser I think. Was also by no coincidence the one season he had without a major injury. I've long given up...
  20. freundorfoe

    Robbo surprised by Lamela

    was a good game but definitely not his best. He's a good player when fully fit which is about 5% of the time.