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  1. impsimps

    Leyton Orient

    Several of their players tested positive casting doubt whether their Cup game with Spurs on Tuesday will happen. If they cannot field a side the game may be awarded to Spurs, just fingers crossed all our tests are negative !!
  2. impsimps

    Kryptokloud End

    Replaces Bridge Mcfarland as the sponsor of the South Park End. Seems a long time since 'South End Pet Stores' were part sponsors ! Sold very good maggots !! UTI.
  3. impsimps

    Which Imps Manager said .....

    " Today we are going to practice with that new black and white ball, because you will be playing with the same type of ball on Saturday - except it will be all white "
  4. impsimps

    Alex Bradley

    Returned to SB following the end of Harrogates season. Wonder if he will get a chance next season, if he has a contract , or loaned out again ?
  5. impsimps


    Seems both he and Arsenal are keen for him to complete the season at SB if we play any more games . He must have enjoyed his time with us and if he is properly fit it could suite us as well.
  6. impsimps

    Paul Lambert

    Looks to be on the brink as per our local news tonight. Expectation around here is that they would easily ride back into the Championship on their tractors, a difficult League to get out of at the right end. The locals are revolting ! He signed a new 5 year contract just a few months back, Neil...
  7. impsimps

    Sam Habergham

    Speaking to somebody who knows the family and Sam is having a final operation on his ankle ? shortly to see if he can get playing again, and if not, he may join up with the Cowleys in a coaching capacity at Huddersfield.
  8. impsimps

    Christmas Day Football

    Looks like our last game on December 25th was the 1957/8 season, Fulham at home, lost 1-0. The return fixture was the next day !! lost 4-1. It was common to play return fixtures on consecutive days during the holiday period, 58/59 Sheff Wednesday, 56/57 Sheff Utd, 51/52 Wrexham, other seasons...
  9. impsimps

    FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Come on Boston ! nailed on tv home game against Newcastle if they get past Rochdale. Big bucks time.
  10. impsimps

    Danny Cowley Quote

    Picked up a copy of the Yorkshire Post last week and Danny made some interesting comments, along the lines of that they have learnt loads while at Huddersfield, and learnt more in their first 40 odd days than in their last 6 months at Lincoln and felt like a better manager than he was on...
  11. impsimps


    Going top tonight but only 5843 turn up to watch.
  12. impsimps

    Radio Five Live

    At SB on Wednesday broadcasting live , more £'s ?
  13. impsimps

    Ticket Office

    Open from 9.00 on Saturday for ST collection.
  14. impsimps

    Burton Road Chippy

    ... agree three year deal for signage at SB. Scrumps all round then !
  15. impsimps

    Graham Taylor - Omen

    The last time Watford reached the FA Cup Final was with GT in 1984. The last time the Imps won an FA League honour was in 1975/6 with GT, its looking good that we can do it again in 2018/19. Just sorry that Graham is not here to see it. UTI.
  16. impsimps

    Ollie Palmer

    Watching him yesterday made you realise why he is no longer with us, apart from being offered more money of course by Crawley. He started well, looked sharp and interested and I feared for us a bit, everything up front went through him. Eardley was given the main job of picking him up when he...
  17. impsimps

    City 1 Ipswich 0

    Two years ago to the date, one of the best goals I have seen at SB, certainly in my top 10 in too many years of watching !! It was very kind of them to arrange the game on my birthday and for a kind supporter who gave me two tickets ! Maybe some one with better computer skills than me can attach...
  18. impsimps

    Graham Taylor

    After all the excitement of todays game lets not forget GT, left us two years ago today. Nice to see the Watford Manager wearing a Love GT badge on Match of the Day. UTI.
  19. impsimps

    Score Predictions v Stevenage

    Will go for 1-1, cannot see them beating both top teams in two weeks, hopefully !
  20. impsimps

    Score Predictions v Carlisle Utd

    Expect a reaction from last night 2-0 to the mighty Imps