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    Team for tomorrow

    Bored of covid, brexit and besides the footy has started to get interesting. Think we need to play our best team and let the sheep worry about us Sambaz Christie fig joe ribz Garner cafu/yates Knocks krov...
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    What is pissing you off the most?

    Hard to say right now what is pissing me off more, the fact that you cant have a conversation without noticing covid has fucked everything The fact that brexit is fucking a shit load of people, not to say everyone Forest continue to suck what little joy and hope was to be found in the world...
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    USA chaos

    Anyone else seeing this
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    USA chaos

    Anyone seeing this
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    Right to offend

    Couldnt read this story and not comment, given that our friendly forum is frequently given over to the keyboard equivalent of mad max beyond the thunderdome. Judges have ruled on freedom of speech that it should include the right to offend and even include abuse. Im sure football referees will...
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    Darth vader vs Voldemort

    So im having an argument with Radz jnr- on and on about how bad ass Voldemort is but i reckon 1-on-1, darth vader would smash Voldemort. Discuss
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    Watford match fred, sponsored by masochists r us

    I get no one wants to put up a thread where the chances are we r gonna get butt fucked and not in an enjoyable trap 2 kind of way but in a horrible divorce lawyer kind of way. Will we see any changes in midfield, we can hope for injuries i guess. We're at home, not that makes the blindest bit...
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    Darth Vader RIP

    I thought maradona was the biggest villain we have lost this week but turns out i was wrong. David prowse aka Darth Vader and the green cross code man has died. RIP, star wars was the first film i ever saw in a cinema. I thought it was real! His advice to stop, look and listen as relevant...
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    Player ratings for blackburn

    Cant wait for plums, still buzzing from our first win. Had my best nights sleep in months. Feel like everyone should get a 10, the boys dug deep yesterday, never letting blackburn settle. They tried to get up in our faces but we stayed composed. Speed is still the issue holding us back imo but...
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    Should sabz stay

    24 hrs after the car crash that ended our season, a simple question. No fence sitting, stick or twist. Im stick
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    Is it time to nationalise football?

    Finally, a football subject we can discuss, albeit virus related. Given that these footballers still want paying crazy amounts, leaving clubs to ask for tax payers support is it time that we nationalise football to protect clubs players and fans in the long term?
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    Matthew blain

    Trying to trace a fellow tricky at UCL Dont know if he comes on ere but if he does or someone knows him, ask him to PM me as he is in a unique position to solve a problem. Ta
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    Boro fred

    Get in yatesy. Very good goal
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    Super figs

    Just wanted to pay tribute to super toby figs. Been with us a while now. He's not flashy, doesnt seem to have the big personality like big joe and brice but fook me he is doing an excellent job on the pitch! Like many he was outstanding yesterday and like many he is vital part of our current...
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    Welcome back joe lolly

    Welcome back joe lolly! Cracking goal, great performance. Hope reading defence was watching cos he will be terrifying them! So good to see coming back to his best
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    Vital election poll

    Ok lets find out if forest is tory or labour or something else
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    Brice samba, superstar

    Thought he deserved his own fred. Here is the place to wax lyrical abo Lets face it none of us thought we needed a keeper until he came into the team. Now none of us would know where to start without him. He needs a proper chant Since he has jesus like power to save, to the tune of jesus...
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    Forest vs sheep weather watch

    Just seen the weather, u lot are gonna need a bigger boat. We cant call this game off as well can we? Looks like it will piss down all day today and well into tomorrow.
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    Forest vs somewhere near london sponsored by better late than never

    Some very lazy psued beggers out there 10.45 and no match fred. At least i have 100% record. So my daughter asked the other team in nottm and i explained the sorry story to her. She asked what colours they wear and i told her black and white. She went very quiet and deadpan told me in utter...
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    Swansea Vs forest sponsored by 40 days to stop mad king boris

    Dearie me, 2 hrs b4 kick off and no fred. Something has obviously gone wrong if i am having to do it. Erm well they are top of the league and have a home record we would kill for. Having said that we are capable of picking up points on the road. We can score and are resilient having come...