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    LCFC Covid Statement

    Club Statement: Covid-19 - News - Lincoln City ( 4 Positives amoungst players and staff, so presume one is Harry. If this includes staff members as well it may only be 1 or 2 players missing.
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    5 Subs on the Cards Interesting that 5 subs may soon be allowed in League 1
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    Temporary Away Team Dressing Room

    Interesting statements from Mr Robinson of Oxford. I would if this is true or just a bunch of sour grapes.
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    Jez George signs new deal All the work Jez has done so far seems to have gone down well.
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    Squad Versatility

    So looking at last night and what we already know about the players, it looks like we have plenty of options with a smallish squad. Just lacking a GK, Striker and maybe 1 more Midfielder should Bradley go out on Loan. Right Back Lewis Eyoma Bradley Left Back Melbourne Edun Roughan Centre...
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    Ifollow - Help

    Tech question here. I’ve never used Ifollow before is it possible does anyone know to connect your phone/tablet to to a tv to view on tv instead of phone/tablet. Has anyone tried and if so how can it be done, presuming it’s possible just not sure how.
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    Shares or Refund Poll

    Just so we can see the kind of position the club will be in, I hope people don't mind me setting up this Poll to see what people intend to do with their Season Ticket Refund. All circumstances are different and i am lucky that i can convert to shares but was just wondering what others are...
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    A Message from Mr Nates Good options for all. Myself and my Dad will be going down the Share Option
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    New shares issued

    Any idea what this means ? Has this money been added to the clubs funds
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    Joe Morrell signs?
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    Contractual Issues ?

    Interesting interview with Danny in the echo website. End of interview said contractual issues meant we couldn’t pick the team he wanted to pick. Not sure why that would be unless someone starting would have meant a new deal (could only be gilks or o’connor If that’s the case). Any thoughts...
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    Carlisle away

    Anyone heard when Carlisle away are on sale. Less than 3 weeks to go and no announcement, thought they would have been on sale by now.
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    Youth team

    Is anyone aware of any youth team players being given contracts for next season. Chapman obviously has signed but just wondering if one else made the grade.
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    Nathan arnold

    Does anyone know what’s happening with him. Keep seeing pictures of him cutting hair. Presume if Salford don’t want him he is stuck in limbo without anyone to play for until next season.