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  1. Will.NFFC

    Merry Christmas!

    Well gents, it’s been a superb year both on the pitch and in the wider world with so much change... but one thing that hasn’t changed is Vital Forest’s continued love and affection for one another. The unity in the Covid and Brexit threads in particular demonstrate why this is the bestest...
  2. Will.NFFC

    Chris Cohen

    Is leaving the club to take up a first team coach position at Luton. Pretty crap news given our current academy set up and his 13 year association. Actually very surprised he’s doing this as he has a young family set up in Ruddington. Unless he’s commuting down south, I thought he’d be for as...
  3. Will.NFFC

    Derrick Otim

    Former academy player who was with us for a long time and only left a years ago has sadly passed away. He was just 24. RIP
  4. Will.NFFC

    Marty Fryatt sues Forest

    *Matty Fryatt* can’t edit it before you all make back to the future jokes! Suing us for mismanaging his injury and ending his career. Pretty sure he’s had his compensation when he was on over £30k a week and didn’t play for 2 years...
  5. Will.NFFC

    Season to restart 20th June!

    Get the beers in - forest are will rekindle their promotion push from the 20th June!!
  6. Will.NFFC

    Olympiacos to be relegated?

    According to this report due to match fixing & EM set for a lifetime ban from Football, forcing him to give up Forest. Oh and apparently we have to sell Cash and Worrall to West Ham for just £25m cus we’re buggered financially. What a fantastic news day...
  7. Will.NFFC

    Players who disappointed and who exceeded expectations

    Trying to get away from the doom and gloom with a Football thread. Which players throughout your time were disappointments When you had fairly high expectations or there was hype around their arrival and which players exceeded expectation vs what you thought of them as a signing. ill kick off...
  8. Will.NFFC

    17 out of 21

    .... managers who have won the championship manager of the month 2 or more times since the 2004/05 season have guided their team to promotion. 4 didn’t go up via the play offs.... Wonder which we’ll be....
  9. Will.NFFC

    Where do we finish?

    Right boys, window over - Whilst it wasn’t disastrous as we kept players, I can’t deny that I’m disappointed more wasn’t given to the manager given how well he’s done on a shoe string budget .... but that is neither here nor there at this point. Simple question given that nothing of note other...
  10. Will.NFFC

    Robin Chipperfield

    Is stepping down from BBC Nottingham and going to Sydney Australia! Quite sad really - very much the voice of match day along with Colin Fray! Best of luck to him.
  11. Will.NFFC

    Mark Antony

    @Our Kids Dad , can’t you just ban this guy. There are people on the forum we all have differences of opinions with, but they’re all still Forest fans. Having some nob sheep fan post tripe every thread about Forest is just embarrassing. on second thought, we are a democratic nation, so let’s...
  12. Will.NFFC

    Forest team of the decade

    I saw that the BBC did a team of the decade for the championship - what would be your Forest team based on contribution to forest rather than Ramsey for example who was here for a few weeks. mine would be; Camp Gunter Morgan Wilson (1st spell) Cohen Antonio Reid Mckenna Lolley Assombalonga...
  13. Will.NFFC

    Cash signs new contract

    3 and a half year deal - great news!
  14. Will.NFFC

    Forum being ruined

    Literally can’t even get on a thread without this popping up and taking me to some spam. Anyone else getting this load of crap?!
  15. Will.NFFC

    Next Manager

    Who’d you want if O’Neill leaves? Add some as I’ve likely missed some obvious ones
  16. Will.NFFC

    Lolley signs new contract

    Unexpected but good news - until 2023.
  17. Will.NFFC

    Where will Forest finish this season?

    So we've still got a RB and a CM lined up and let's assume based on our business so far that we get them and it's Colback and Bryam - where will we finish this season? The optimist in me thinks top 2 but I'd settle for play offs.... which says a lot about how good the club have been at...
  18. Will.NFFC


    In advanced talks with Hull apparently. Divides opinion but I rate Lichaj so think it'll be a real loss!
  19. Will.NFFC

    Rowett asks to leave Derby for Stoke

    Hahaa oustanding and probably sums up their ambition this coming season! New manager will have no money to spend so assume they'll get a dougie freedman type?
  20. Will.NFFC

    Maranakis tells players to 'Go choke'

    Olympiacous players, but how long until it's ours I wonder.... It's not great is it... and yet it's kind of hilarious!