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  1. jokerman

    Our Man in Chongquin

  2. jokerman

    NG Spencer Davis RIP

    Please don’t mention Muff’s brother.
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    Rail nostalgia NG

  4. jokerman

    Canal Boat Theft (NG)
  5. jokerman

    Reflections on a bottle of Smithwicks

    Quite good, but good enough to justify freighting it over oceans as the planet burns? Probably not. One the hardest decisions in the green new deal will be drawing up a list of beers for which we can sacrifice Indian Ocean islands to their global shipment with a reasonably clear conscience...
  6. jokerman

    Grateful Dead at the Dentist

    Just had my teeth cleaned at the dentist with a huge rambling version of New Speedway Boogie playing on the piped music all the way through it. Cool dentist or is this quite literally the end of the 60's? (I'm not bothered about band, myself).
  7. jokerman

    We're in Shakespeare

    Henry VI part 2 Act 4 Sir Humphrey confronts Jack Cade's (played by Trevor Peacock in this version) rebellion, and says "Rebellious hinds, the filth and scum of Kent" Seriously, who else could it be? Then when Lord Say is pleading for his life he says "Kent, in the Commentaries Caesar...
  8. jokerman

    Useful phrase for board users

    In the comments on Polly Toynbee's piece in the Guardian today, one poster's position was absolutely pounded by others which received upticks in the gazillions. So she replied "Well I see this argument is becoming toxic, so I'll leave it at that." I don't think I've ever seen so many shifty...
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    Here's a daft question that came up

    in a zoom discussion of old friends. How many of us have slept/shared a bed with their father/mother, sister/brother beyond being very young? It was sparked by the old Morecambe and Wise sketches with them in bed together. My father shared a bed with his brother all through growing up. On...
  10. jokerman

    You lot are amateurs!

    We're under lockdown AND curfew. I think it's the equivalent of double secret probation in Animal House. There were some minor incidents last night, mainly to show Duluth's not unconnected, we're not unaware, and the powers-that-be said right, we're taking no chances tonight. Our police chief...
  11. jokerman

    Simon Inglis -Football Grounds of Great Britain

    Spring cleaning, I came across this. When I opened it, two Bradford Park Avenue programmes from 1968-9 fell out which brought back some nice memories BUT as I re-visited the entry on Priestfield I was shocked to register for the first time that he gets the Rainham End and The Gillingham End...
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    C'est magnifique, mais... Ah, Les French. Toujours the elan and pants rouge.
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    Here's a clip which unaccountable comes to mind

    on this day of days
  14. jokerman

    Rochdale Gills

    So far so goodish.
  15. jokerman

    RIP Mr Derek

    aka Derek Fowlds, aka Bernard V funny man.
  16. jokerman

    Friday Night is Music Night

    This is not as good as RT's but stick with it, plus he's not a chap to argue with I'm thinking
  17. jokerman

    Neil Innes RIP

    Bonzos, Ruttles, Grimms and much much more
  18. jokerman

    Wimbledon Gills

    Good start.
  19. jokerman

    Gills Imps

    A quiet start.
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    apropos of nothing and NG

    My wife and I took the grandchildren (girl 4, boy 3) on the pumpkin train yesterday. Ten mile round trip up the north shore of Lake Superior on the local heritage railway to a pumpkin "patch" where the kids select pumpkins to take home for carving. (Non-rail buffs/enthusiasts look away now)...