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    Anthony Scully

    Football Article THE SECRET SCOUT 28 January 2021
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    Dementia - Single
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    2021 LCFC Calendar

    Hadn’t realised this was out until one of the many (on-line) Elite Pro Sports notifications (flash sales etc) included a free calendar & face-mask in a shirt offer. Apparently the Waterside Store have had a stock for about a week and pre-lockdown (ie 4pm Wed 4 Nov) you can get 25% off the £9.99...
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    Season Ticket activation

    Club have started sending out emails how to activate ticketmaster/imps account. Need the (provided) numeric part* plus surname to get to a form which should have some of your details eg email, post code etc but then needs completion plus need to choose a password for this account. This is only...
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    Imps Rewards

    Never would have imagined receiving an invitation to. 'Hack your Happy Chemicals"
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    Just had a mobile call claiming to be 'Neville from Lincoln City Football Club calling all fans asking if there is any help they may need" or similar such words. Declined... Is this legit or a scam?
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    Imps Rewind - 4 July
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    Rewind 2002/03

    This Saturday on YouTube. Much more interesting to me than very recent full games shown.
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    Sincil by the sea

    Not the future flood levels but an odd idea for those who want to watch the SB grass grow?
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    Guess The Mascot #1

    Not sure if either are the official mascot of the club, but Guess the Mascot?
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    Imps player furlough
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    Tranmere Rovers (a): Ticket Information

    Now available on EB for ST holders Cheap!
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    Ipswich (A) - Ticket Information

    Now on sale to ST holders on EB - not cheap!
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    Shrewsbury (A) - Ticket Details

    Now available on EB for ST holders
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    Sunderland (A) - Ticket Details

    Now on sale on EB for ST holders
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    Oxford (A) - Ticket Details

    Now live on EB for ST holders
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    Coventry (A) - Ticket details On sale to ST holders on EB
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    Burton (A) - Ticket Details

    Available now for ST holders via EB had a few problems via App, but sorted in the end
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    Rotherham (H, - Tickets These are now on general sale via EB, not the usual ST reserve it window and eventually gets uploaded to ST card, plus not all of Coop seating initially available (including presumably all upper ST holders locations). So resorted to...
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    Gillingham (A) Ticket Details

    Available now via EB for ST holders (phone not picking up the link, otherwise would post it here)