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  1. Chesterimp

    India v England

    Switch on Channel 4 this morning for a bit of breakfast junk TV and there's a bunch of blokes in white on a big field, lobbing a red ball about or hitting it with sticks. Claims to be "Test Cricket" with India v England. Great to see it back in terrestrial tv and England going ok, 140-2 at...
  2. Chesterimp

    Cohen Bramall Signs!

  3. Chesterimp

    Liverpool - date and Sky confirmed

    On the OS
  4. Chesterimp

    Palmer and Morton -at last!

    Now on the OS
  5. Chesterimp

    Team to take on the Barca L2?

    This has interesting timing. When we won the home fixture, there was a lively debate on here between those who saw the match as an astute 'rope-a-dope' performance against ineffectual tippy-tappers, and those (like me) who watched the match between our fingers and thought we got away with one...
  6. Chesterimp

    2 years on - Perspective

    Two years ago this weekend (well, the following Monday night) the Imps secured only their second ever FA Cup win over a club more than a division higher, and on national TV, kick starting the ride of my lifetime supporting the Imps. This Tuesday, we drew away to the same club in a league match...
  7. Chesterimp

    Worse shirts than our home one this season?

    Man City away. Now that is awful, whoever designed that cleared off home leaving it unfinished.
  8. Chesterimp

    Knackered footballers who need the Cowleys' Marvellous Medicine

    As per the 'Mandron/Godden' thread and nlondonimp's successful rehab list of Robinson, Marriott and Eardley, working with the Cowleys will be an increasingly attractive proposition for higher level players recovering from serious injury. (Don't think Theo ticked that box but he got his career...
  9. Chesterimp

    Best away league performance in living memory?

    Mulling my way back north on Tuesday through the interminable 50mph roadworks on the M6. The performance and result was the best away league performance I've personally witnessed in 50 years following the mighty Imps, but that's a relatively low bar, my matches have been largely confined to the...
  10. Chesterimp

    12 months on

    12 months ago, the Imps played their first competitive match under the Cowleys, away in the National League to a side under 'W' in the alphabetical list, at Woking. We'd been non-league since 2011, always finished in the bottom half and flirted with further relegation. Cup competitions had been...