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    Popsheet, Ingy

    Fire up the palindrome popsheet and dust off the ambigram upsidedownsheet, chaps.
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    RIP crazy genius.
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    Here we go, here we go, here we go!

    ...back to the World Famous City Ground. Sports fans back in stadia from 2nd Dec! 4K or 50% of capacity in Tier 1 2K or 50% of capacity in Tier 2. Nottingham will probably be in Tier 8 though, so don't get too excited.
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    Messi poll

    Have a guess.
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    Might be important..
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    Best free kick ever?

    I loved watching that Brazil team - surely one of the best ever. I love the run up from the centre circle. I love Roberto Carlos's arrogance that it might go in. I love the fact that we simultaneously couldn't believe he was going to take it on but also knew it had a very good chance of going...
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    Clifton Bridge

    Driving over it tomorrow morning coming from the east in time to take my dad to Queen's Med by 9. How much extra time should I allow? TIA
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    Retaining the cup

    A whole article about it and no mention of Forest. Dear me! And before anyone says it's only referring to the Champions League, "Since the European Cup began in 1956, 11 sides have made it to consecutive finals, with the first 30 years littered...
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    Condolences to Leicester

    Surprised to come on here and see no comment of the tragedy at Leicester. Seems like the owner was very highly respected and a thoroughly decent bloke to the fans and local community in general. I know Leicester fans, as I'm sure many of you do too, and it has come as a nasty shock for them...
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    Rate the window

    How was it for you?
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    Democracy is temporarily upheld. We won't be screwed by a small band of fanatics in the executive, whoever that might be late next year. Great news for everyone, leavers and remainers alike. Take back control. Then hopefully cancel Brexit altogether.
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    PL best goals on BBC

    Harking back when Forest were in it! Quite a short list to choose from and you've seen them all before: Even though it's dirty Leeds, there's just something about that Yeboah goal that makes me smile. It has got everything. :30:
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    General Election

    What do you want? Expecting at least three votes and maybe two pages if we're lucky.
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    Is he doing a good job? If so, why?
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    They took Christmas away from us!

    Wasn't even a national holiday in America until 1850. Bloody fundamentalist Christians! Going over there - and staying in England - trying to change our way of life with their anti-Christmas nonsense. Interesting article.
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    Fao: Jom. re: ice.

    I almost posted an article about the NASA measurements of the ice in Antarctica. It's interesting and the models will be updated accordingly. I presume you referenced it in support of some whacky notion that there is no such thing as global warming? Unfortunately that's not the case and NASA...