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    Exiles - Here's The Goals

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    Gnashers Interview

    We sat down with Keith Southern to chat all things tangerine. Keith chatted through his ten years with the club, which included two promotions, three play-off campaigns and a season at the top table of English football. Keith also spoke of the disappointing way he left the club in 2012 when his...
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    The Preview Show - Charlton Away

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    Structured Dialogue

    I have highlighted the section that we will o doubt be talking about. IMO - very poorly worded. Structured Dialogue Meeting – Monday 22nd February 2021 at 7pm In attendance: Steve Rowland (SLO) James Ashton (Tangerine Seasiders) Phil Corbett (Yorkshire Seasiders) Ryan Jackson Scott...
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    Sir Stan Article

    Returning Players: Sir Stanley Matthews Welcome to Last Word on Footballs ‘Returning Players’ Series. In this edition, we take a look at winger, or outside forward as he was known at the time, Sir Stanley Matthews. Matthews came through the youth setup at Stoke City and was on the books from...
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    Prediction League Match 39 - Charlton Away

    Post your predictions below before 1400hrs on Sat 27 Feb for our game at the valley.
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    A sandy soil, neverless tonights game is OFF. On the +side, more time for injuries to heal....
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    Donny Build Up

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    Prediction League Match 38 - Donny Home

    Post your predictions below before 1800hrs on Tuesday 23 Feb for the Donny at home league game.
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    Table After Pompey Are Played Up

    Have faith said the Lord, and ye shall reapeth the rewards... Bear - 42 pts Macc the knobber 32 pts Bob H - 27 pts SEX - 27 pts Abel - 26 pts BFC Luke 25 pts Suffolk - 24 pts Prem - 22 pts A1 - 21 pts UAE- 19 pts BFC Pete - 13 pts
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    Exiles - Here's The Goal

    Take a bow Jerry Yates:bow:
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    Pompey Build Up

    He wears the club shop....
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    Squad Lists

    Latest EFL - Squad List 2020/21 Blackpool - In Squad Players 1 Anderson, Keshi Stuart 2 Dougall, Kenneth William 3 Ekpiteta, Marvin Akpereogene Paul Edem 4 Garbutt, Luke Samuel 5 Gretarsson Schmidt, Daniel Leo 6 Hamilton, Christopher Nathan 7 Husband, James Andrew 8 Kaikai, Sulaiman...
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    Rearranged Fixtures

    Vs Burton Albion (H) – Tuesday 16 March, kick-off 7pm Vs Peterborough United (H) – Tuesday 23 March, kick-off 7pm Vs Sunderland (A) – Tuesday 27 April, kick-off 7pm
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    Prediction League Match 37 - Pompey Away

    Post your predictions below before 1400hrs on Sat 20 Feb for our next game away at Portsmouth.
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    Table After Dale Win

    It's a case of as we were with everyone picking up a point with the exception of that crafy old Bear who picked up 3pts with an exact score prediction. It's a long time since he has heard these words, but let's repeat them anyway - Bear has just passed 40.... Bear - 42 pts Macc the knobber 32...
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    Exiles - Here's The Goal

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    Man In Black

    Tomorrow night's ref is Anthony Backhouse who ironically reffed us at Dale in our 2-1 a couple of seasons ago. He has reffed 20 matches this season showing 71 yellow cards and two reds. His last Pool game was just over a year ago - a 2-1 home win v Sarfend.
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    Injury Update

    Neil Critchley has revealed that CJ Hamilton and Daniel Grétarsson are stepping up their recoveries from injury, having been sidelined since December and January, respectively. The pair are progressing well with their rehab schedules and will hopefully be training with the rest of the squad...
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    Players Out Of Contract At The End Of This Season

    There's some first team starters out of contract at the end of this season. Madine is a must, I'd like to see Ward's option extended. Garbutt's injuries are a worry, Turton is steady but seems behind a loanee in recent games. Kaikai has got to be most at risk. Garbutt - No option Madine - No...