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    Match thread

    1Bonham 2Jackson 5Tucker 3Ogilvie 21O'Connor 17Eccles 14McKenzie 20Robertson 8Dempsey 16MacDonald 15Akinde Substitutes 7Willock 11Coyle 12Walsh 19Oliver 23Woods 26Maghoma 35Drysdale
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    Another one gone

    Maradona dies if a heart attack!
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    The American ancestry site has a three month membership for $1. It is open to new members and members who's subscription has run out. It is worldwide, so will include the UK records. Don't forget to cancel the renewal before the three months is up...
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    Happy New Year Mother F...

    athers too! And every one else. It's not who you were, it's who you will be in 2020. And we are going up! Up The Gills! :-)
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    Family Trees (N/G obviously)

    So apart from winding some on here, the past couple of months, I've been doing my family tree. I found my biology father's parents, even though he said they died in the war, they didn't! I've also found that mum wasn't from the background she said she was from. But I did find out that her dad...
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    Not Such A Bad Place

    Medway is bidding to be the city of culture for 2025. Strood is ok, but the other towns let Medway down...
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    Match thread

    1Holy 2O'Neill 5Ehmer 34Ogilvie 12Fuller 17Da Silva Lopes 33Byrne 13Reilly 10Burke 9Eaves 7Hanlan Substitutes 4Lacey 8Parrett 11Charles-Cook 14Campbell 15List 24Rees 30Hadler COYG!!!
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    Gills. team

    1Holy 2O'Neill 5Ehmer 34Ogilvie 12Fuller 8Parrett 33Byrne 17Da Silva Lopes 10Burke 9Eaves 7Hanlan Substitutes 3Garmston 11Charles-Cook 13Reilly 14Campbell 15List 24Rees 30Hadler
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    RIP Keith Flint

    Singer with The Prodigy, who inspired many of today's bands, the twisted fire starter :-(
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    Lovell Gone

    Shopping to Hempstead Valley with Nathan :-)
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    Scarred for life

    Julian Clary, after visiting Chatham lol
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    £30 a ticket?

    Just looked at the Swansea ticket prices, and it's £30 for home tickets. Might be the same for away end? What a rip off! I bet the attendance will be down if they do charge these prices. Sort it out Scally!
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    Sorry, didn't notice the match thread...
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    Another One Bites The Dust

    Michael Collins sacked as manager of Bradford, after only 6 games. Ridiculous!
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    Prince Philip

    Just heard he's passed away. RIP if he has, was always good for a laugh! Not sure if this is fake news, my mate has been drinking... But he works for the palace, so could be true.
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    Q&A at Priestfield

    First team management and coaching staff at the Great Hall, Thursday 26th July, are answering questions on the team set up etc for the coming season. Well done to them! :-)
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    The Queen

    Is waiting for AK to start another world cup thread ;-)
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    Best Team So Far.

    I was thinking (makes a change lol) out of all the teams that are through to the 2nd round of the WC, who is the best team we've seen? I was going to do a table, but even though I've seen around 90% of the games, I still couldn't do that (yes, I've been recording games when others have been on...
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    Who will England play when they finish 2nd in their group..?
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    Accrington Away

    First game, deep joy...